Weekend Report

Happy Monday. Well, I had a pretty good weekend. It was HOT and gorgeous!

Friday night after work Chris and I went to dinner at Sitar, an Indian restaurant on Central Avenue. Its been awhile since I did a local restaurant review! We ordered the sampler of appetizers, which came with veggie samosas and pakoras with a mint dipping sauce.


Everything was delicious and full of flavor. My favorite her were the pakoras.

For dinner I got the Navratan Korma (from the menu: mixed vegetables cooked with Indian cheese, cream, onions, & tomato gravy mildly spiced). It was delicious and so filling. Indian food isn’t complete without delicious naan, either.


We decided to share the mango ice cream for dessert. It was really creamy and had a sweet mango flavor, but the texture a little different. Not something I’m used to!


Overall, we had a good dining experience at Sitar!

Sitar Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Saturday I had the apartment to myself since Chris went to a beer festival in Boston with his friend. Saturday morning I hit up an Iron Barre class with my friend Emily, and boy was that hard!! By the end I could hardly do the side plank exercises.

After a quick shower I went over to the Troy Farmer’s Market, my favorite outdoor market in the area.


Its bigger and better than ever before.


The only thing I got was an iced coffee. 🙂 I did go to Xs to Os for a treat, since I had a living social deal I had to use up. I got three cupcakes, one for myself, and one for each of my parents who were coming over later.


This is the vegan s’mores cupcake. Its covered in delicious chocolate frosting AND ganache. How can you get any better than this?? There were even chocolate chips in the cupcake itself. This was my last treat before starting Dietbet.

My parents came over after I got home and enjoyed their cupcake! (I didn’t tell my Dad they were vegan until after he said they were amazing…)

Then my mom and I got to work on my garden…last year we put in some perennials and a few impatients. The perennials came back so we needed to but in a few more flowers to make it look nice.



It may be tiny, but I love it! Unfortunately we don’t get enough sun back there to grow tomatoes or other veggies.

Sunday morning I went to the gym for a body pump class, which got canceled, so I just did some free weights for about 45 minutes. I mixed up all different types of exercises and got a pretty good workout. When I got home, I had lunch and then headed out for a bike ride.

I wanted to change it up a bit and instead of riding my usual route I decided to ride to Indian Ladder Farms! What a beautiful ride.





There and back was a total of 16.57 miles. I stopped along the way so it took me about 2 hours total (I stopped at the farm for about 20 minutes too.) I will definitely be riding here in the fall when apple season is upon us.

It was a pretty good weekend, I think.

How was everyone’s weekend?


Eating My Way Through DC: A Vegan Dinner

One of my favorite things about DC was the amazing food. Living in Albany my whole life had me sheltered. We have a few restaurants that I adore–but other than that, its pretty mundane. I love having options when it comes to dining out, and DC definitely did not lack options. Saturday night before the big race, Alicia and I googled our way to dinner. We decided on Busboys & Poets, a trendy restaurant near the Mount Vernon Triangle.

They seemed like the menu had vegetarian and options and they were also eco-friendly.


Everything on the menu looked great, and it was extremely hard for me to choose! I wanted to avoid any dairy the night before the race (to avoid stomach problems mid or post race), so I decided to make my dinner completely vegan.  And they had lots of options.

Alicia and I split the bruchetta for an appetizer. I was expecting small pieces of bread, but instead what could have been an entire meal for two came out. It was huge!

The bread was amazing, it was warm and doughy and reminded me of naan.

I played it safe for my meal an ordered the pan-seared basil tofu. It was served with a roasted red pepper risotto, all vegan! It was so good! Of course the risotto wasn’t creamy like regular risotto is, but it was still extremely flavorful. The tofu was cooked perfectly, with a crispy outside. I’m glad I went with this dish! I wasn’t left feeling gross and overly stuffed.


Busboys & Poets seemed like an awesome place to grab dinner, drinks and to just hang out. I was happy with it!

Busboys and Poets on Urbanspoon

Alicia and I found our way back to the Metro and stopped back in Chinatown for dessert. My friend Jess who met us at the race expo and lunch earlier that day recommended Red Velvet Cupcakery.

The bakery was so small (Crumbs NYC -esque) and the line was out the door, but moving pretty fast.

They had lots of delicious looking cupcakes.

I decided to make my night 100% vegan and went with the Black Velvet: gluten free/vegan chocolate cupcake with chocolate “buttercream”.

“This light, moist chocolate cake uses the best Valrhona cocoa powder complemented by a chocolate “buttercream” to make a vegan, gluten-free cupcake truly like no other.”




It was moist and fluffy, but not as dense as other vegan cupcakes I’ve had. It was good–but I could definitely taste the difference. I actually prefer Xs to Os vegan cupcakes.

Red Velvet Cupcakery on Urbanspoon

I love that I could eat a 100% vegan or vegetarian meal without much effort here in DC. It was awesome. It was another great day eating my way though this city! I love food. 😉


A Celebrity Sighting

Saturday afternoon my sister and I went to Troy to check out some of the shops. We went to one of my favorite stores, Anchor No 5 Boutique. I love them because they have all local and unique handmade goods!

We were standing in the store when the shop owner said she saw Parker Posey, the actress, walk by! We were shocked…why would an actress be in Troy? We walked down to a store down the street and I walked in while she was walking out. It was so weird being so close to a movie star! I wonder why she was in Troy?



Anyway, after our celebrity sighting, we went to one of my favorite bakeries!


They have so many delicious looking goodies to choose from.


Xs to Os really promotes a cruelty free environment.


I ordered the Berry Decadent Cupcake, which was also filled with vanilla frosting.


I love the texture of these vegan baked goods. The frosting is different, but it tastes so good! I wish I knew the secret! My sister got a blondie.


Now I want to bake myself some tasty vegan baked goods! Mine would probably not be as great as these though. My sister said she was extremely surprised at how good vegan goodies could be. I wasn’t. 😉

Have you ever had a vegan dessert? Did you like it?