Weekend Happenings

So far I’ve had a pretty fun weekend! Friday night after work Chris and I met some friends for dinner at one of our favorite places, the Albany Pump Station!

We split the nachos for an appetizer but for dinner I went with something new, the lobster sandwich.


I had never seen it on the menu before so I wanted to give it a try. Usually I get the veggie wrap but didn’t see it! I hope they didn’t get rid of it…

Anyway, the sandwich came on a croissant which was a unique touch, it was good! There were some decent sized chunks of lobster in there.


The menu said it came with fruit but they served it with fries instead?? Weird, I would have liked the fruit.

Saturday Chris and I went over to Delaware Ave to check out the Cheese Traveler, a gourmet cheese shop. Chris got these special pickles, marinated in Dogfish Head Beer.


We haven’t tried them yet, though! The cheese there looks good but I honestly don’t think I can pay so much money for cheese. So many kinds to choose from, its a bit overwhelming.


Now for the highlight of my day, lunch at All Good Bakers! I was looking forward to this all week! I had trouble deciding what to get because everything on the menu is vegetarian and looks amazing. I went with Big Red, the red bean veggie burger, served with tempeh bacon, cheddar and a fried egg on their home made bun.


It was honestly one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had!

I couldn’t leave without getting my favorite–the vegan cinnamon bun! I was saving it for later in the evening, but it didn’t last past like 4PM…


I really love AGB! If you live in Albany and have not been there for lunch…go!

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic Superbowl weekend. Chris and I are picking up pizzas later and heading to my sister’s Have fun & stay safe!

Stay tuned for a race-racap tomorrow. Today was the final run of the Winter Series!


Harvest Fest in Washington Park

Yesterday was such a perfect fall day! My sister came over and we rode our bikes to our friend Brendan’s apartment since we all wanted to go to the Harvest Festival in Washington Park.

The  Honest Weight Food Co-op puts on the Harvest Festival in the park every year. They have music, local food vendors and vegetable stands. It was lovely! The bike ride down was really nice, too.

So much delicious food to choose from!

We also went to the table handing out goodie bags with lots of samples from the co-op!

Of course I couldn’t leave without trying something! I had my eye on All Good Bakers‘ Pumpkin Maple Cinnamon Bun.

I had been looking forward to this all week!

It was massive!  I am a big fan of their regular vegan cinnamon buns so I knew this one would be a winner, it was even better than the regular ones if you can believe me. The pumpkin made it moist and the frosting was terrific. I loved it! AGB needs to make these a fall staple at their bake shop. But then again, I would be tempted to get one every weekend.

After checking out some more vendors (I scored a free protein shaker bottle!) we walked around the park because it was just so lovely.

Julie and Brendan wanted sushi, so we decided to walk over to Shogun, the new sushi place on Madison. It is their second location. Their other one is in Delmar.

We split some edamame.

I got one Philadelphia Roll.

This is my new favorite type of sushi, the smoked salmon with cream cheese. Delicious. But, I still think Mr. Fuji was better.

After our quick sushi snack, we got back our bikes and headed back to my apartment. We took the longer way to avoid the traffic. After mapping it out, we biked a total of about 12.5 miles. At least I got in some cross-training today! The pro of biking to an event: you don’t have to worry about downtown parking! The con: you can’t buy too much because it won’t fit in your backpack. Or maybe bring a bigger backpack? Actually, that might be a pro for me!

What did everyone do this weekend?




Spectating My First Race

In the past 3 years I’ve been running, I’ve ran 44 races. That is CRAZY. And in all that time I have never spectated a race! Well, today that changed.

My friend Caitlyn ran the Joann & Nancy 5K Race for Early Detection in Central Park in Schenectady today and I went a long to watch her run and cheer on the other runners!



I went to the starting line with her and watched them take off!


GO Caitlyn!


I walked to the other side of the park and caught them running around the lake.


Here comes Caitlyn, running strong!


Then I waited at the finish line and saw the male and female winners finish. It was exciting! It was a small, hometown race and both the winners were local.



Then, I saw Caitlyn.


She did a GREAT job, finishing in 27:35. She told me this was her fastest 5K, so she PRed! I’m so proud of her!

Spectating was so fun, since it wasn’t a crowded race it was easy to spot her during the run. I got to hang out a chill at the starting line watching the finishers. It was a nice change of pace from running the race. It did feel kind of weird, though! But I’d love to spectate more races, maybe even volunteer at one soon!

After the race, I suggested we get some food at one of my favorite local bakeries, All Good Bakers.

We both split one of their amazing vegan cinnamon buns.


Ah, heaven on a plate.

I was starving, so I ordered the mutli-beast, a club sandwich with seitan.


It was made with their roasted garlic sourdough…I ended up buying a day-old loaf of it on sale for $2, quite a steal. It’s so good!

Another delicious, locally made meal at one of my favorite places! Caitlyn really enjoyed it there too. We’ll definitely be back!


Saturday Brunch and a Book Signing

Happy Monday. Or not. 😉

Saturday was probably the most eventful day of my weekend.

I met my sister for lunch at All Good Bakers’ new location on Delaware Avenue.

My sister and I split the Little Green Monsters ($5.50) which were chickpea sliders and the nOOb’s rOOb ($6.00) , a seitan reuben.


Our lunches were great. I added goat cheese to my sliders and it added just a great taste. I’ve never been disappointed in their food. I also really liked the reuben sandwich, too!

We also split a vegan cinnamon bun fresh from the oven. It was still warm! It was seriously the best cinnamon bun I’ve ever had.

They were SO busy on Saturday morning. The space is still small, but its really cute. I can see them expanding again in the future because I think this cafe/bakery is going to blow up, it is that good!

I also ordered a half loaf of whole wheat bread ($3) and an energy cluster (can’t remember the price, probably $1.50 or $2).  I ended up spending about $13 for the sliders, bread, cinnamon bun and the energy cluster.

All Good Bakers on Urbanspoon

After brunch, my sister and I went to Barnes & Noble to see my cousin, Liz. She was having a book signing for two of her new books, Lala Salama and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind! She is a children’s book illustrator!

I got my two autographed copies signed by the family celebrity. Yeah!

I’m so proud of Liz! We used to draw together when we were kids–and now she’s illustrating books! Her pictures were always much better than mine. 😉


Lunch at All Good Bakers

This past weekend Chris and I ventured out into the snow for a walk to All Good Bakers in Albany for lunch.


I had been trying to get here for lunch forever! They have weird hours right now because they are in the beginning of expanding and moving to a new location so it had been difficult to go around my schedule. Saturday was the day!


Their location is pretty awkward, right smack in the middle of the “student ghetto”, but it wasn’t a bad walk from Chris’ place…maybe 15 minutes. AND the great part was that we got 10% off our order for walking there since they are an environmentally friendly business!

Since I saw the weekend menu posted online a few days ago I had my eyes on their BBQ seitan sliders!


Also, their vegan cinnamon bun which I got to go.


(pretty great price for a huge cinnamon bun!)

Chris and I each got the sliders for lunch and we waited maybe 10-15 minutes for them to come out which wasn’t bad at all.


They came out looking so cute! A side salad of “Belgian Endive filled with shredded Carrots, Black Walnuts, and Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese; finished with a Citrus infused Balsamic Reduction” came with lunch, too. The salad was quite tasty and the goat cheese was awesome.


The sliders were what I was really excited for!

Too cute! Anyway, the bbq seitan was awesome and the tiny rolls were chewy but not too hard. I loved this meal! Its really nice to see a 100% vegetarian restaurant with emphasis on all local food in Albany, even if they only have a few items at a time.


Chris and I both really loved our lunch. It was perfect!


I’m really looking forward to seeing what this bakery has in store for the future.

Also: I had the vegan cinnamon bun after my race on Sunday and it was great! The frosting was amazing. Love.