A Dose of History

I had Friday morning to myself in Philly while Chris went to some seminars for his conference. I wandered around historic Old City to see some of the sights. It was raining but not too hard, so it didn’t stop me from looking around! This place is so full of history!


Pretty decent photos from my phone, no? My point and shoot’s battery died the other night and I forgot to pack my charger!




I found the Liberty Bell! I thought it was going to be bigger for some reason? The tour guide man said it cracked from being rung so many times, and they possibly rang it the wrong way. Ha! Who knew?



I met Chris for lunch at Triumph Brewery when he was done with his morning seminars. They had some nice looking beers on tap!


I went with the honey blonde. For some reason I always end up liking the lighter beers.


Chris got the IPA and it had really awesome lacing (the foam that clings to the glass)!!


We ordered the portabella fritters to start. They were extremely tasty and served with a really good sweet mustard sauce. Loved them.


For my entree I went with something lighter, the beet salad.


It was one of the best salads I’ve ever had, it was literally bursting with flavor! The pomegranate seeds gave it a nice, fresh crunch, too.

Triumph Brewing Company on Urbanspoon


After Chris went back to his conference, I wandered around, and decided to make the most of my time here and headed to Reading Terminal Market. There was so much to take in!!! It was a bit overwhelming. I walked around and decided I wanted something sweet, so I got a double chocolate whoopie pie at one of the bakery stands. Honestly, it was a bit disappointing. The cake was a bit too dry for me. Not enough filling? I’ve never had a whoopie pie before so I’m sure what to compare it to.


After the market, I walked further down to the Walnut shopping district to the Lululemon store and ended up leaving with the Running Toque and the Braided Headband (reviews to come once I’ve tried them!) I am kind of glad there is no Lululemon in Albany or else I would be completely broke because I want everything in that store. (I was drooling over this pullover.) The market and the shopping district was a good 15 blocks from my hotel, so I definitely got some exercise in today! I forget how good walking really is…its a workout in itself!

Chris and I went back to the Market on Saturday morning for breakfast…so stay tuned to hear about that.

Coming up: dinner at Bistro 7!


Amazing Dinner at FARMiCiA

After Chris and I checked out South Street on Thursday, we relaxed at the hotel until it was time for dinner at FARMiCiA, which is a really awesome restaurant only a few blocks away from our hotel!

Chris found it online and knew it sounded perfect for us! It is a restaurant that “captures the pleasures of simply crafted food and excellent beverages served in a relaxed yet lively environment. The emphasis is on great tasting food and beverages crafted from local, organic, and artisanal producers.” Sounds good to me!


I LOVED the decor in this restaurant! They even had green apples on the table, which I assume were for decoration. And sitting at our table was actually relaxing!!



Another awesome thing is that it allows you to bring your own alcoholic beverages. I brought a bottle of Adirondack Wine’s Blueberry Shiraz for the occasion!


Everything on the menu looked delicious.


Chris and I split an appetizer, the Capellini & Sauteed Tofu (vegan)roasted tomatoes, red chili, mint, crushed pine nuts. It was fantastic! The tofu was cooked perfectly, not too mushy, how I like it!


It could have been an entire meal for someone!

The waitress also brought a selection of fresh bread to choose from, and we went with whole grain, which was served with a herb butter. The bread was amazing! I loved the crispy crust.


And onto dinner…I had such a hard time choosing, but I wanted to get something I don’t normally order when eating out. I went with the Tres Tamales: vegan chorizo/vegetable filling, re-fried black beans, pickled cactus salad, spicy salsa roja.


I had never had tamales before and they were incredible!!!! You have to take them out of the corn husk to get to the good stuff! It was filled with vegan chorizo and was extremely tasty and flavorful. I topped it with a little bit of the black beans, sauce and some of the green peppers. I ended up eating two tamales and gave the third to Chris to try. They were filling!


The blueberry shiraz we had with dinner was also delicious. It was sweet just how I like it. This bottle could be dangerous!


I was so impressed with this place. I want to go back!

Farmicia on Urbanspoon

After dinner, we went directly across the street to a bar called National Mechanics, which had a really awesome vibe.




I stuck to water but Chris enjoyed a few locally brewed beers off the tap! The had a large selection of beer! We had fun just hanging out at the bar.


I really love the atmospshere in Old City–its historic but also had a lot of trendy restaurants and clubs. Its my kind of place! So far I’m really enjoying Philly! Okay- off to explore! Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Philly’s South Street

After driving a little over four hours, yesterday Chris and I arrived in Philadelphia, PA! Chris has a conference here this week so he brought me along with him to explore. We are staying in Old City, which is the historic part of town.


Does this guy’s name look familiar?


Yes, the twin bridges in the Capital Region are named after him! I knew his name looked familiar!

Anyway, after we checked into our hotel, we went for a walk to South Street to check things out.


Interesting fact for those 90s kids (like me) out there: Boyz II Men’s video for “Motown Philly” was filmed on South Street…Interesting!

First stop: Lorenzo’s Pizza for some cheese slices!


The special thing about this pizza place is that you can only order cheese slices, no toppings!


The slices were huge! They had to fold over the end of the slice so it would fit on the plate. The cheese got everywhere! The pizza was really good but I would have liked the crust to be a bit more firm…it kind of flopped everywhere. I guess I’m just a thick crust kind of girl. 😉


We ate in the restaurant, but they didn’t have any seating, just a back room with mirrors, which was a little bit weird to be honest.


Lorenzo & Son Pizza on Urbanspoon

I couldn’t eat the whole slice of pizza, so chris gladly ate the rest of mine. I needed to save room for self-serve frozen yogurt!

After pizza, we walked down the street to Phileo Yogurt. It was so bright and cheery inside. I love self-serve yogurt places! (Can we start a petition to get one in Albany, please?!)


They had so many flavors to choose from, but I had to go with the low-fat cupcake batter frozen yogurt with the following toppings:

  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • chopped peanut butter cups
  • graham cracker crumbs
  • white chocolate chips


I tried not to go overboard with the toppings! It was delicious, of course!

Chris got some too.


I was pretty happy with my tasty froyo. 🙂


Phileo on Urbanspoon

After frozen yogurt, we continued to walk down South Street, and we came across a the Big Green Earth Store.


They had tons of recycled products, and earth-friendly things. It was neat!

They had a bag made out of plastic grocery bags!


It was an awesome store!


The lady working there told us to go check out the Magic Gardens a few blocks down the street. The Magic Gardens are buildings covered in mosaics created by the artist Isaiah Zigar. According to their website, “the Magic Gardens includes a fully mosaiced indoor gallery and a massive outdoor labyrinthine mosaic sculpture. The installation, primarily consisting of found objects and contributions from the community, covers half a city block with myriads of tile, texture, and color.”

Words can’t even describe how cool this was!




This is from outside of the gate.






So after walking around town, we headed back to our hotel to rest up before dinner. We had reservations at FARMiCiA and it was one of the BEST meals I’ve ever had…