Keegan Ales in Kingston

Saturday morning after our amazing dinner, Chris and I had breakfast at the Inn, which was nice! They had a pretty good spread of bagels, granola, cereal, oatmeal and fruit!


Sadly, it was pouring when we got up and headed into the village of Woodstock (we walked from the Inn). After checking out the shops, we headed to Kingston. There’s not much in Kingston. Actually, I ran a race there last month with Heather. But Saturday we had other plans.


We went to Keegan Ales Brewery! Chris and I each ordered a beer. I got Old Capital. It was okay–not my favorite beer, actually. Keegan Ales was the beer I had at the end of the Shamrock Run, but I couldn’t remember which one I had after the race.


We also split Mother’s Milk. It was dark and delicious.


We decided since we had no real plans for lunch to order something here. We got some nachos and a quesadilla to share. Not too healthy, but they sure were delish.

DSC05757.JPG  DSC05758.JPG

While were were at the brewery, there was also a bachelor party going on. We overheard one of the brew masters talking a group of guys about chugging beer from one of the fermentation tanks. What?? Seriously? They let people DO that? The answer: yes, they do. And its quite hilarious to watch.

Each member of the bachelor party got his chance to chug Mother’s Milk from a 30 degree fermentation tank, and the guy to drink the longest won! And only one guy threw up.


They sure are hardcore…



Anyway, after that amusing debacle, Chris and I went off to the Hudson Valley Mall to see a movie I’ve been waiting forever to see.



Water for Elephants!!! Since Water for Elephants was one of my favorite books, I was so excited to see the movie! And I loved it! I was worried it wouldn’t do the book justice, but it was actually great. It made me happy.

After the movie, Chris and I headed to Rhinebeck, which was only a short drive over the river from Kingston.

To be continued!