A Surprise 10 Miler

This morning I actually slept in got up at 8:00am while I waited the temperature to rise a few degrees for my morning long run. I’m trying to make it a habit to keep doing long runs on the weekend to maintain my running endurance this winter.

Once it was a crisp and sunny 27 degrees, I set out for an 8 miler. It actually wasn’t cold at all. I think I figured out my cold weather running clothing situation for the rest of the season. I recently splurged invested in a Lululemon long sleeve pullover and fell in love with it. It keeps me SO warm (and as a bonus its actually flattering).


Today I also wore a running jacket over it, and didn’t overheat at all. It was perfect.

Anyway, the 8 miler turned into a 9 miler, which ultimately ended up being a 10 miler. Go me! I guess the Reisling I drank last night combined with the mac and cheese I had for dinner made good fuel? I think I just got lucky.

I used Sporty Pal to keep track while I ran since I didn’t feel like waiting for my Garmin to load and it seems load the GPS a lot quicker for some reason. The only thing that sucks was that I held it for 10 miles.

Here are my splits and what not, for my own person reference.

Distance – 10.00 mi

Total Time – 01:36:17

Average Pace – 9:36/mile

Average Speed – 6.23 mph

Calories – 1149 kcal

I’m not so secretly trying to keep my endurance up because I’m hoping to run the Hangover Half Marathon on New Years Day. Last year a bunch of fellow bloggers and I ran the Sober Up 3.5 miler on the same day (part of the same race event). It was fun, and I’m going to try to convince them to run it again.


Come 2012 I think I may step it up a notch. I think starting out the new year with a half marathon might be the way to go. Thankfully its day-of registration only and $5.00 to register. It all depends on the weather. 😉