2011 Shamrock Run

Today, I drove Heather and I to Kingston, NY to run a 2.0 mile Shamrock “fun” Run!


And, of course, we dressed in GREEN! I am probably only less than 1/4 Irish…


The race started late (12:50PM), so had time to eat breakfast (pumpkin pancakes) and get ready for the race and then make the one hour drive down to Kingston.


The race was really well organized and there were lots of people signed up! It was a little cold while we waiting for the start, but we had Irish music for entertainment.




Two of my other friends showed up and we were off!


There were so many people running/walking the race! It was really hard to get going because of the crowds, which was okay, since I was just in it for some fun! 🙂

The race was mostly downhill, which was really nice. The last mile was pretty much all downhill, as my splits prove.

Garmin Stats

Total Distance – 2.0 Miles

Total Elapsed Time – 20:40

Average Pace – 10:06/mile


Mile 1 – 12:09 – mostly walking & slow jogging

Mile 2 – 8:15 – felt so good to fly down that hill!

This race was so much fun, and there were people cheering on the sidelines the whole way!

The best part was the after-race party! Free Keegan’s Ale, brewed in Kingston!



And delicious green bagels with green cream cheese. My lunch!


And of course, shamrock cookies.


Gotta love St Patty’s Day celebrations! What could be better than running a race and having a good time with friends?

After food and beer (I only had 1 beer, I had to drive!) we walked the 2.0 miles back to the car, which wasn’t too bad. We got to watch the parade go by.


It was a good day.

I’m exhausted! Did you do anything fun to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this weekend?