Track Workout & Food For Thought

It has been MONTHS  since I ran at the the local track. I usually avoid going for some reason but once I get there I say to myself, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG, THIS IS AWESOME! The track is squishy and soft and it makes my legs feel great.

I make up speed workouts as I go along. I did 1 mile warm up, and then ran every other lap as fast I could for 4.25 miles, with a .75 mile cool down. I estimated my “fast laps” were anywhere from 6:45 -7:15 pace. I literally can only hold that pace for a lap. I think next time I’m going to try 800s instead of 400s. But I found my recovery laps were about an 8:45 pace, which is usually fast for me…interesting. Needless to say running a track makes me want to go FAST!

Total of 5.0 miles in 43:22. Bam.

Anyway, onto another topic! Last night I went with my friend Laura to the Honest Weight Food Co-Op’s Food For Thought film series to see the documentary Forks Over Knives at the Linda!

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They offer samples of tasty vegetarian food from the co-op before the movie starts and we got there just in time!

Sample plate: Kale and apple salad, quinoa and sweet potato salad, hummus, onion dip, chips, cornbread, vegan chocolate mousse & a delicious chocolate oaty thing

I really enjoyed the movie. It was so fascinating because it took a medical and scientific approach to why we should eat a plant based diet to improve our health and reverse diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. But, I do think it was sort of “preaching to the choir” because most of the people attending this (like myself) are already aware of these issues. I think the point of this films series is to get the word out about important issues, but we really want the people who NEED to know this watching the movie. Not those of us who already know.

I did benefit it from it however because I’m aware I do need to clean my diet up in some aspects. I feel I eat fairly healthy but there are problems I still need to work on (eating too many carbs and sugar for example). Watching this movie last night kind of inspired me to clean up my diet again–I still have those 10 pounds I wanted to loose a while ago that are sticking around. I would recommend this movie for anyone interested in losing weight and getting healthy!