Cycling Around South Hero Island, Vermont

Last week Jordan and I went on vacation to his family’s camp in South Hero, Vermont on Lake Champlain. The camp is right on the water and we got to enjoy many days sitting by the lake and enjoying some really pretty views.


We drove into Burlington one night to catch the sunset and go out to dinner.




It was one of the prettiest I’ve seen!


We also spent a lot of time road biking! On Tuesday, we rode all around South Hero Island.


We biked a total of Total of 38.4 mi around the island!
Total moving time:  2:50:30
Elevation gain: 1,050 ft

The views were gorgeous all over the island. Lots of these guys were hanging around.




On Thursday we went for another ride. This time we rode to the bike ferry about 10 miles from the camp! The ferry took the us and the bikes to the other side of Lake Champlain so we could ride the bike path to Burlington.




Riding along the Island Line Trail was gorgeous!


Total distance: 43.1mi
Moving time: 3:30:24

We had such a lovely vacation! It was relaxing and I got to spend some quality time with my favorite guy.




The No-Running Update

Today will mark three weeks since the Vermont City Marathon, and three weeks since I last ran.

The absence of running also means lack of blog content, so this is why there have been minimal blog posts lately. I’m a firm believer if I don’t have anything worth writing about, to not write anything at all. But I figured I’d post an update about my lack of running.

No running has given me more time for a lot of other workouts! And also time for relaxing on Saturday mornings. 😀

Hot Yoga

I’ve been going to a Hot Flexibility Flow once a week. I love this class. It’s perfect for runners since they focus a LOT on hip openers. I find myself a lot more flexible and comfortable in the poses when I’m not running a gazillion miles, so yoga has been much more enjoyable. I also tried my first advanced power yoga class on Friday! Had I been training for something, I never would have tried this class because I’d be afraid I’d be too sore to run. Thankfully I decided to try it because it was awesome!

Strength Training

I’ve been going to Body Pump  1-2x a week the past few weeks, still loving it! I’ve been also strength training with free weights before spin class.


Usually I try to make a spinning class once a week, too. It’s been great to have spin to go to on days that it rains, since I can’t bike outside!


Last Saturday there was no rain, so Chris and I rode our bikes to the Art on Lark festival. We were about a mile away and my seat sunk so low I couldn’t ride. I should have known better to ride anywhere without tools to fix something like that–but we stopped a local bike shop called the Downtube to get a multi-tool. I bought one of those, along with a kickstand (they installed it right then and there for $4 extra), a new bike lock, and a tire pump that can be attached to the bike under the water bottle cage. I proudly installed the pump (by myself!) when I got home. The girl at the bike shop was super friendly and very helpful and I did not find myself intimated there at all. One of my fears of walking into a bike shop is getting stared at like a freak because I’m not a super elite cyclist. I didn’t feel like that at all here here–I loved the shop! I just signed up for a women’s bicycle repair class happening there in a few weeks.


The class I signed up for this summer got canceled, so I bought a kettle DVD on Amazon Instant Video for $8 (way cheaper than the class!) and I did it once. Its 25 minutes long but has three levels. The first level was a bit too easy for me, so next time I’m going to combine Levels 1 and 2 for a 50 minute workout.

As for my foot (the reason I haven’t been running), it has been feeling so much better lately. I’m almost 100% pain free during the day. It only gets a bit sore after going for long walk at lunch and then coming back and sitting for hours. It still feels a lot better then it was.

However…..even though I’m finding time now to do other workouts, I do miss running!


Tour de Habitat

I was flipping through the June edition of Adirondack Sports & Fitness Newspaper and came across this.

The Tour de Habitat! “Capital District Habitat for Humanity and C.H. Evans Brewing have something in common: an interest in the continued revitalization of Albany. The Tour de Habitat supports projects that make Albany a more vibrant and desirable place to live.”

I really love cycling, but I don’t get to do it as often as I would like because running takes over my life most of the time. But, this race is for a really good cause, and I would really like to ride it!  There are four distance options: 100 miles, 50 miles, 25 miles and 10 miles. I think I’m going with the 25 mile option. I’ve never ridden further than 10 miles before and I’m up for the challenge. Plus, I don’t have any September races on the schedule! Looks like I’m going to be cycling, at least I hope so!

All Over Albany, one of my favorite local blogs, has offered to Sponsor me by matching $50 of the money I’ve raised. A huge thank you to them!  I started a fundraising page, so please, please help sponsor me! Any little bit would help immensely toward such a good cause! 🙂 Donating online is really easy–just follow this link:

My current goal is to raise $500 for the habitat for humanity. Help me do it!!!


My giveaway!

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