Random Christmas Ramblings

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did. It was nice to take a break from work and blogging (not that I blog much these days) for awhile and enjoy the time with my family!

I worked most of the day on Christmas Eve but then after I got out I met my family over at my grandmas house. It was lovely!

Christmas morning was spent at my parents where we all opened a bunch of lovely gifts. I’m so lucky, I got a lot of nice things, including a new iPod touch! My iPod died back in July and I’ve been using my little shuffle for my workouts. Its nice to finally have something to have all my music on.

Christmas day we all go to my cousins house for dinner and another gift exchange! I love hanging out with them on Christmas!

my cousins' dog ozzie--so cute!

I had Monday off from work (yay for long weekends!) so I spent the day with my mom and sister shopping taking some things back. We also went to the movies and saw “War horse”. It was such a tear jerker! If you’re a sucker for animal movies (I am!) go see it. (I’ll admit that I cried, and I hardly ever tear up at movies.) It was sad but had a good ending.

(image credit: http://www.upcoming-movies.com/Articles/war-horse-movie-poster-2/)

Monday night my sister and I went to the Times Union Center to see Trans Siberian Orchestra!

We had box seats and they were SWEET. They even had couches and their own restroom. It was luxurious.

I like a few of TSO’s Christmas songs but I was surprised to find they are really an 80s hair metal band disguised as an orchestra. The show was kind of amusing. 😉 At least they played my favorite Christmas song!

Well that’s it. Its now back to the daily grind…at least its only a four day work week, right? 😉

Did you have an exciting holiday?