Quality Time with Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day! I’m not doing much to celebrate Earth Day today (because every day is Earth Day over here), except getting brunch for an early Birthday celebration at one of my favorite (locally sourced and environmentally friendly) spots in a few hours. But, if you want to check a few of my past earth friendly posts here they are:

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Speaking of the our planet, I spent some quality time with mother Earth yesterday in the form of a long run down the Mohawk Hudson Bike Path with views of the Mohawk River. 14 miles to be exact! A new distance record for me. I have never ran over the half marathon distance of 13.1 before, but decided to yesterday. It took me 2 hours and 26 minutes.

It was warm but I didn’t feel too bad during the run. I forgot my Gu so the last few miles were pretty brutal. I was glad to be done!

I also got to try out my new handheld water bottle.


Its an Amphipod Hyrdaform Handheld 20 oz and comes with a pocket to store keys, Gu, etc. I ordered it from Running Warehouse.


  • The strap is so soft, so no chafing on my hand for almost 2.5 hours of running!
  • The ergonomic shape is comfortable. I didn’t mind holding it for that long, either.
  • Spout is easy to drink from while running.


  • Its not insulated, so on a warm day with warm hands the water was a little warm.
  • The strap didn’t get tight enough around my hand so it felt kind of loose at times. Maybe I just have small hands.

Yes, I would recommend this water bottle! Also, I bought this water bottle with my own $$$, just reviewing it because I thought it’d be helpful!

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying Earth Day today–do something to help our environment–even if its a small thing.