“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” ~John Muir

Here you will find trip reports for all of my hikes, categorized by geographic location.

The Adirondack High Peaks (46/46 complete!)


Cascade and Porter Mountains (August 2013)
~8 mi RT from Route 73

Table Top Mountain (October 2013)
9 mi RT from ADK Loj

Mount Colvin and Blake Peak (November 2013)
~15 mi RT from Ausable Club Lot

Sawteeth (December 2013)
13 mi RT from Ausable Club Lot

Phelps Mountain (January 2014)
9.5 mi RT from ADK Loj

Big Slide (June 2014)
8 mi RT via the Brothers from The Garden

Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak (June 2014)
8.6 mi RT via the Ridge trail from Rte 73

Mount Haystack (July 2014)
10.8 mi RT from the JBL
17.8 mi RT from Garden Parking lot

Allen Mountain (September 2014)
~18 mi RT from East River @ Upper Works

Nippletop Mountain and Dial Mountain (December 2014)
~13 mi RT from Ausable Club Lot

Gothics, Armstrong and Upper Wolfjaw (June 2015)
~15 mi RT from Ausable Club Lot

Street and Nye Mountains (July 2015)
8.4 mi RT from ADK Loj

Algonquin, Iroquois and Wright Peaks (July 2015)
11.4 mi RT from ADK Loj

Lower Wolfjaw Mountain (August 2015)
10.5 mi RT from Ausable Club Lot

Mount Colden via Avalanche Pass(August 2015)
15.1 mi RT from South Meadows, Lake Placid

Mount Marcy (August 2015)
15.3 mi RT via Van Hovenberg Trail from ADK Loj

The Santanoni Range
Santanoni, Couchsachraga & Panther Peaks (August 2015)
17 mi RT from Upper Works/Bradley Pond Lot

Gray Peak and Mount Skylight (September 2015)
17.7 mi from ADK Loj

Mount Marshall (March 2016)
16 mi from the Upper Works

Mount Redfield (May 2016)
18 mi from the Upper Works

The Dix Range (June 2016)
Macomb, South Dix, Grace Peak, Hough, and Dix
~15 mi RT from Elk Lake

The Seward Range (August 2016)
Donaldson, Emmons and Seward Mountains
16 mi RT from Corey’s Road, Saranac Lake

Basin and Saddleback Mountains (September 2016)
17 mi RT from the Garden Lot

Cliff Mountain (October 2016)
17.5 mi RT from Upper Works

Seymour (October 2016)
15 mi RT from Corey’s Road, Saranac Lake

Esther and Whiteface Mountains (October 2016)
12.4 mi RT from Reservoir Road, Wilmington

The Adirondacks


Sleeping Beauty – Lake George Wild Forest (Fall 2008 & Winter 2017)
3.4 RT

Buck Mountain – Lake George Wild Forest (Winter 2014 and Summer 2016)
6.6 mi RT

Crane Mountain – Lake George area (Summer 2013 and Winter 2016)
6 mi RT

Brown Mountain & Five Mile Mountain – The Tongue Mountain Range (Summer 2014)
~8 mi RT

Blueberry Mountain – High Peaks area (Fall 2013)
5+ miles RT, easy hike turns into steep climb

Owls Head Mountain – High Peaks area (Summer 2014)
1.2 mi RT

Mt. Jo – High Peaks area (Fall 2014)
2.6 mi RT

Noonmark Mountain – High Peaks area (Spring 2015)
~5.0 mi RT from AMR parking lot (St. Huberts)

Pharaoh Mountain – Pharaoh Mountain Wilderness ( Spring 2015)
9.6 mi RT from Crane Pond Road

Pyramid Peak with Gothics, Armstrong and Upper WolfJaw (Spring 2015)

Indian Head – High Peaks area (Summer 2015 and Fall 2016)
9.3 mi RT from AMR parking lot

Jay Mountain – Jay Mountain Wilderness (Fall 2015)

Rooster Comb Mountain – High Peaks area (Winter 2016)
5.4 mi RT (easy hike, great for beginners)

Peaked Mountain – Siamese Ponds Wilderness (Spring 2016)
7 mi RT (easy hike, the last .4 mi to the summit is steep)

Balanced Rocks at Pitchoff Mountain – High Peaks area (Winter 2017)
4.0 mi RT

Prospect Mountain – Lake George Area (Spring 2017)
4.0 mi RT

The Crows – Hurricane Mountain Wilderness Area (Spring 2017)
2.2 mi RT

Adirondack/Catskill Fire Tower Challenge

Overlook Mountain Fire Tower (2010 and 2011)
5 mi RT (easy hike, great for beginners)

Hurricane Mountain Fire Tower  (Fall 2014 & Spring 2017)
6.0 mi RT

Goodnow Mountain Fire Tower (Fall 2014)
4.0 mi RT (easy hike, great for beginners)

Hadley Mountain Fire Tower (Fall 2009, Winter 2015, Spring 2017)
3.6 miles RT (great hike for beginners)

Blue Mountain Fire Tower (Spring and Fall 2015)
4.0 mi RT

Black Mountain Fire Tower  (Summer 2015 and Winter 2016)
7.1 mi loop (relatively easy hike, great for beginners)

Mount Adams Fire Tower (Fall 2015)
5.0 mi RT

Kane Mountain Fire Tower (Spring 2016)
1.8 Mi Loop (great for beginners)

Spruce Mountain Fire Tower (Spring 2016)
2.8 Mi RT (great for beginners)

Hunter Mountain Fire Tower (Spring 2016)
7 mi RT (great for beginners)

Wakely Mountain Firetower (Summer 2016)
6.1 mi RT

Owls Head Mountain Fire Tower (December 2016)
6.5 mi RT

Snowy Mountain Fire Tower (August 2017)
8.1 mi RT

The Northville-Lake Placid Trail


Wakely Dam to Lake Durant Campground (June 2014)
12 miles

Watkins Glen State Park (June 2015)


The Gorge Trail
~7 miles

The Catskill 3500′ (6/35 complete)


Slide Mountain (February 2014)
6.8 mi RT

Panther Mountain (April 2014)
6.87  mi RT

Windham High Peak (May 2014)
6.75 mi loop, 9.6 mi total if you walk the initial 3 miles to the other trailhead

Blackhead Mountain (August 2014)
4.8 mi RT

Hunter Mountain Fire Tower (May 2016)
7 mi RT (great for beginners)

Indian Head Mountain (March 2017)
5.3 mi RT


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