Summer 2014 Races

Believe it or not, I am still running!

After the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill hat trick I was only running a few times during the week. Nothing major. I actually haven’t run a long run since the races, so that’s what this weekend will be for. I’m aiming for a 10 miler to officially start . . . → Read More: Summer 2014 Races

Running Weekend

I figured I’d pop in here for a minute to update you all on my running! This weekend was a good one for that.

Saturday morning was the Robert Parker School 5K trail race. A new-to-me place to run trails, I had to sign up to prepare for my upcoming trail half marathon. Thankfully, the . . . → Read More: Running Weekend

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! I’m a little belated, but I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I spent yesterday with my family so it was really fun.

I also made cinnamon buns for the first time ever. I pre-made the dough on Sunday and saved half for Christmas morning. It was pretty easy–for some reason . . . → Read More: Christmas 2013

A Plan

I’ve spent the past few months building a decent running base and I’m pretty happy with how things are progressing. I’ve been doing speedwork or tempo runs on the treadmill once a week for the past four months and I’ve been seeing solid results! (Results meaning decent race times). I’m now back to my pre-marathon . . . → Read More: A Plan

Half Marathon Goals

Yesterday I went out for a run, not sure of where to go or how far to run, but I wanted to run at least six miles depending on how I felt. I got dressed, ate breakfast, drank coffee and some water and around 9AM headed out. I felt pretty great, ran around my neighborhood, . . . → Read More: Half Marathon Goals