Saratoga Fat Bike Rally Recap

Hi folks! It has an exciting weekend of outdoorsy adventures. This past Saturday the fourth annual Saratoga Fat Bike Rally was held at the Warming Hut in Saratoga Spa State Park.

Even though the weather was looking a bit dreary, my friend Margaret and I drove up with our fat bikes (she borrowed one from my other friend) to check it out! We arrived at around 10:30, just in time for the first group ride. We tagged along (and were two of four women out of about 20 riders). The ride looped around the park a few times on snow-covered sidewalks and paths. The temperatures were a bit warm, so the snow wasn’t holding up well. After about 6 miles of riding, we broke off from the group and rode around a bit, finally stopping at the warming up to dry out, since it had been drizzling since we arrived.

Inside, Common Roots was selling beer, and a station was set up serving delicious-looking crepes, complete with a toasty fire.

We dried out our gloves and jackets and enjoyed a porter from Common Roots, chatting up some of the other riders.

(photo coursey of Focal Blue Photography)

After our drinks, we were convinced to check out the fat bike race course (the race was held at 9:30 so we missed it). The snow was firming up a bit from the rain so it made the ride a lot of fun. We rode the race lap twice before packing the bikes up and heading to lunch at the Local in Saratoga.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, Margaret and I were both really happy we went to the Rally. It was a great opportunity to meet other riders and have some fun in the snow!

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