Trail Running

One of my favorite places to be is on the trails. Obviously! Last night I ran at a new-to-me trail at the Pine Bush Preserve Madison Avenue Barrens. The thing I like about the trails here is that they are wide and not too technical (less chance of falling)!


There is also a variety of trails here, too. One of the loops was pretty sandy, which made for a great calf workout!


It also kind of felt like running at the beach!


I think more of my races in 2015 will be trail races, so I’ve got to amp up my trail running and also find some good spots to run. The Madison Avenue Pine Barrens is now high on that list.

New to trail running and thinking of running a trail race soon? Here are some tips!


1. Run on trails. This may sound like a no-brainier, but actually running on trails is the best way to train for a trail race! Road running and trail running are SO different. There are many obstacles like roots, rocks and uneven ground on trails that you will encounter, and the best way is to practice so your body can get used to using those different leg muscles. My favorite places to trail run in Albany are the Pine Bush, Thacher Park, Tawasentha, and Five Rivers.


3. Incorporate hills into your runs. Most trail races have elevation. Surprise! Since many boast great views–you can’t get a view unless you climb high (usually), so hill work is essential to be prepared for a race with elevation.


3. Wear proper footwear. Proper trail running shoes are also important! Sometimes I can get away with wearing my regular road shoes on a non-technical trail, but I find that trail shoes help a lot. They are more stable and grip the ground better and my feet just feel better in trail shoes in general.

Looking for a local trail race? Here are some local ones!

10/26 Squirrelly Six & Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon at Thacher Park
11/9 – After the Leaves Fall Half Marathon at Minnewaska State Park (I’m already signed up for this one!)

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