Life Lately via Instagram

Nothing new has been going on over here. Busy, busy, busy as always. I figured I would share some pictures, which if you follow me on Instagram,  you have probably already seen!


Friday I went for a run with some co-workers on our lunch break. We do a big loop in Albany which includes a really long hill. I ran the entire thing for the first time without taking a walking break. Woohoo. Which reminds me…


There are 55 days left until The NorthFace Endurance Challenge! I was looking at the map the other day. It looks pretty insane. I better start the hill training ASAP.


Yesterday I didn’t have time for a run, so I squeezed in a quick T-25 upper body workout. I love these workouts!

20140309-101739.jpg 20140309-101748.jpg

After my quick workout I drove downstate with my sister to my friend Krista’s baby shower! She and I were roommates sophomore year in college, along with our other roommate Jackie. Krista’s shower was so fun, it was like a college reunion!


Later on a bunch of us went out for drinks at the new Madison Pour House. A good time was had by everyone.

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