Hiking Slide Mountain – Catskills

Today Chris and I went for a hike! After two winter hikes in the Adirondacks, I wanted to change it up a bit. We took our snowshoes down to the Catskills to hike Slide Mountain, the highest Catskill peak at 4,180 feet of elevation.



There are two ways to get to the summit of Slide. We took the longer route, the loop–we started from the parking lot and hiked to the where the trail splits and took the Curtis-Ormsbee trail which is the longer way up. It was marked with yellow trail markers.





After about two miles, the trail split again, the red markers began and we hiked to the summit. It seemed to take forever! Finally, some views!




It was a gorgeous day for a hike! Here’s the summit, it was pretty open, a bit windy but it wasn’t too cold.


The views…

IMG_4252  IMG_4255

Not to bad for my first Catskills hike, huh? Might as well start with the highest one!

It took us about three hours to summit, since I’m slow in snowshoes, but only about 1.5 to get back down to the car. We went down via the red trail, the shorter way down, which made a big loop. It went by quick!  What a nice day. And I finally got Chris out hiking with me. 😀


Slide Mountain
6.8 Mi RT, via Curits-Ormsbee trail loop
Elevation: 4,180′
Ascent: 1,500′
Catskill 3500 Peak Rank: 1

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