Dinner at Rain Modern Chinese

Look, a restaurant review! It has been so long since Chris and I have gone out to a “new” restaurant in Albany. Yesterday was our chance! We had plans to attend the Winterfest Beer Social at Lionheart Pub on Madison ave after work, so we decided to grab dinner nearby at the Chinese place, Rain.

There was a nice ambiance in the restaurant. It kind of reminded me of Sushi X…ha. We love that place, too. But it was nice inside.

I decided to order a drink and went with the Scorpion, a cocktail of fruit juice, brandy, and rum. It was tasty, tropical, and reminded me of summer…


Chris ordered a beer, and we both got appetizers. Chris got the Hudson Valley foie gras soup dumplings($12)and I got the veggie dumplings ($6).


My dumplings were very good. They were pretty much your standard Chinese dumplings.


My main meal was the pineapple chicken ($15). It was literally served in a pineapple! It was delicious. I had the option of brown or white rice with the dish, and I was thrilled because I love brown rice (and its healthier). Along with the chicken, there were mushrooms, peppers, and onions in a pineapple sauce. It was great, and not overly filling. I saved half to bring for lunch today.


Dessert was a chocolate and mascarpone mousse with a crispy topping–it was good, but a little small for the high price ($8).


Overall, Rain was great! It was a bit pricey…our bill added up pretty quick with drinks and dessert, but we hardly ever eat out so it was a nice treat. If you are looking for a tasty place to sit down near Lark Street, I’d suggest checking them out.

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