Hike at Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Good morning! I came back from Florida on Saturday afternoon, returning to a slight snow shower and cold temps. I miss the sunny weather, but I was glad to be home and get back into routine! Sunday morning Chris and I drove down to New Paltz to meet our friend Patrick for a short hike in Minnewaska State Park! I have never been hiking down here and was really looking forward to checking it out!


We went on a guided hike lead by educators from the NY/NJ Trail Conference. It was so nice to get to learn about the trail as we hiked along. It was so pretty since the snow had just fallen the day before.



20140121-085328.jpg 20140121-085320.jpg 20140121-085313.jpg 20140121-085307.jpg


The hike was along the stream and at one point we saw these little ice circles floating around. They were like little frozen lily pads, but they were just ice. So neat!


We got done with the hike around 2:30, and then went over to Patrick and Krista’s house in Accord. They live on a cute little farm and have chickens. 🙂 After catching up for a bit we headed to High Falls for a tasty dinner at the Egg’s Nest. Unfortunately my phone died during the hike so I don’t have any pictures from dinner!

Hike info: we parked at the Lower Awosting Parking lot in the preserve and hiked the Mossy Glen Trail along with stream, then hiked the Blueberry Run footpath. It was very flat and an easy hike! I think it’d be perfect for some trail running in the summer and fall months, and I’d love to go back for just that reason!

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    1. I had wanted to do that one, too! But I think they changed the date and it was the same day as the Stockade-athon and I couldn’t run it! I will probably run it this fall!

  1. Hey Jen! My friend is coming up the third weekend in February and we want to go hiking. We’re both very much beginners and I was hoping you’d have a suggestion for a trail for us novice hikers. Please and thank you.

        1. I would suggest either five rivers or thacher park! if there is still a lot of snow on the ground, snow shoes might be nice. I know EMS rents them for a day. 🙂

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