Troy Night Out and the Confectionery

Last Friday at the beginning of the long weekend, I met a few friends for a night out in Troy. We walked around the tight knit market, looking at all the awesome crafts and enjoying the atmosphere. Troy just keeps getting better and better. There are numerous new shops and restaurants that have opened since I lived there!


Although I do have to admit, some of the stores are a bit strange.


(like the one above, which featured a ton of weird, vintage things…)

Next up was dinner and drinks at the Confectionery, a wine bar that has become one of the coolest spots in Troy. With a brand new patio, this place is pretty sweet, and often very crowded and busy.


My friends and I ordered a wine at the bar while waiting for a table on the patio. One opened up in about 10 minutes, which was nice. I had ordered a cheese plate while at the bar, and they promised to bring it out to me at our table.


I went with the Margot Flight, cheese that arrived via tugboat!

My friends all got their food, while mine was taking forever. It probably took close to 45-minutes to an hour for my cheese to come out…cheese of all things!!!! I was starving and getting annoyed, but our waitress was nice, and promised us some chocolate for taking so long.

Finally, it arrived.


This cheese doesn’t look like much, but let me tell you…it was delicious and filling. I don’t know if it was worth such a long wait, but served with a spot of honey, each aged cheddar slice got more sharp the older it got, and it was great. The cheese lover in my was thrilled–and yes, this cheese made a meal. But not a healthy one. It was served with a sliced baguette.

I really like the atmosphere of the Confectonery, but I really wish they had bigger plates and a better selection for a meal.

After another glass of wine, watching someone play space invaders on the brick wall, we headed out to enjoy more of Troy.

The Charles F. Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

And because it was still warm out and I wanted something sweet, we hit up Dante’s Frozen Yogurt shop on River Street.


It doesn’t get any better than that! I love Troy.

I closed out the night by meeting another friend at Footsy Magoos, another hip bar on First Street. The first time I went to Footsies it was pretty dead, but now it seems to be hopping place for the locals to hang out. I kind of love it there.


(Awkward bathroom picture, because this mirror was cool and the walls were covered in newspaper print)

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  1. Wow, $4 per slice of thin cheese. I do love cheese and I’m sure they tasted great but hell will freeze over before I pay that. I would have laughed, said “u have to be kidding me” and walked out.

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