How to Have an Awesome ADK Weekend

Step 1. Go Hiking


I wasn’t scheduled to meet my friends for our cabin weekend until late on Friday night. I wanted to take advantage of every second in the ADK this weekend so I met up with my new friend Christine for a hike! We met in Warrensburg and drove together to the trailhead of Crane Mountain. The trailhead is located in Johnsburgh, about 20 minutes from Warrensburg. Following directions in my Adirondack Mountain Club trail guidebook, we easily found it. We had to park about .25 miles from the actual register (start of the hike) because it looked like only an SUV or truck could get through some of the flooded part of the road.


Crane Mountain had some awesome views the whole way up! Most of the trail is very rocky and makes for some interesting hiking–lots of finding our way though giant stones and boulders. Very fun. 🙂


We were chatting so much that before we knew it we were at the summit.




We stayed up there for a while, snacked, and enjoyed the view of the Adirondacks. Amazing. And we only live 1.5 hours from this…I can’t get over it.

We took a different trail on the way down and went to Crane Mountain Pond…such a beautiful day.


The hike was a total of 5.9 miles, and most was pretty steep, so after about 4 hours of hiking we were both pretty hungry.

Step 2: Refuel after a hike at a cute bistro

Christine and I decided to stop for dinner in Warrensburg and Willow Bistro. I ordered a ginger beer and a tuna melt, both of which were amazing and hit the spot.


After dinner we parted ways and I drove back down to Lake George, ten minutes from Warrensburg. I hung out, watched the sun go down over the lake and watched the steamboats come in while a jam band played in Sheppard Park. It was so relaxing!


Later on, my friend Jackie and her boyfriend Brian got into town and we drove to his mom’s cabin, located right on the lake. I was pretty tired so after talking and catching up we went to bed.

Step 3: Stay in the cutest rustic cabin on the lake.


Saturday was a gorgeous morning! The three of us had coffee and I just fell in love with this place!



We went into the village and explored the battleground park while we waited for our other friend Krista and her husband Patrick to come in…we had grand plans to go TUBING.

Step 4: Go tubing down the Hudson

We reserved spots at 1:00 at Tubby Tubes and once we got there we rented our tubes and got on the buses to take us to the spot where we started the lazy river.




I didn’t bring my phone on the trip for obvious reasons, but tubing looked like this.


[image source: lake george]

It was absolutely gorgeous, the water wasn’t too cold, and it was SO much fun.

Step 5: Eat dinner and get drinks at ADK Pub & Brewery

Chris drove up from Albany to meet us in time for dinner–we went to one our favorite spots.



I can’t even explain how much I miss Jakie and Krista…a weekend together was just like old times (we were roommates in college.) The last time we all spent time together was in 2011 when we stayed with Krista in NYC.


I might also mention my car broke down while driving to dinner–right on Canada street. We waited an hour for the tow truck to tow it back to Albany. I stayed, of course since Chris had driven up separately. Everything happens for a reason, I say!

After that, a beer was much needed. I had the Amber Logger and it was so tasty.


I got the fish tacos for dinner, which was fantastic. Both times that I’ve eaten here in the past I wasn’t too impressed with the food (the beer is great though), but this time the tacos were a winner.


Step 6: Go mini golfing.

You can’t hang out in Lake George without mini golfing. There is mini golf everywhere!



Step 7: Swim in the lake

Sunday morning we had breakfast at a diner in Queensbury, followed by some swimming time. One of my fears is open water swimming (Def. no tri in my future), but I wanted to face it head on! The water is beautiful so I wanted to take a dip. I ended up swimming around and clinging to the dock for about 20 minutes. I even swam out a few feet and back. I say that’s a step in the right direction!



After our swim we packed up and headed home. It was so sad–I didn’t want the weekend to end! This weekend fueled my obsession with the outdoors and the Adirondacks. I’m already dying to go back!

Where I hiked: Crane Mountain in Johnsburg
Where I stayed: a friend’s mom’s cabin on Lake George
Where I ate: Willow Bistro in Warrensburg, ADK pub & brewery on Canada Street in Lake George, Ambrosia Diner in Queensbury, Pink Roof Ice Cream Shop and Ben & Jerry’s in Lake George village
What I did: Tubby Tubes Lazy River in Lake Luzerne, Around the World Mini Golf in Lake George village

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  1. Haaa, I’m a local reader that always reads your blog who works for the the ADK pub at their other location in the village. I’m glad your food was a success this time! The amber lager is delicious 🙂

    1. Yes! The fish tacos were delicious! I don’t remember seeing them on the menu the last time I was there…They were SO GOOD!

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