Hanging out in Troy

Saturday was a pretty busy day this past weekend! Earlier in the day my friend Brendan and I went running in the Pine Bush Preserve.


Neither one of us had been before, it’s a really nice park with lots of trails.





It was really buggy though, so if we stopped for even a minute the bugs attacked! We made sure to wear bugspray but apparently it wasn’t enough!

We ran about 2.75 miles.

After coming home and showering, it was time to head over to Troy Cloth & Paper, a design studio where you can screen print custom shirts! They also use all eco-friendly inks for printing! The reason I was going there was to make our Ragnar Relay team shirts! Ragnar is two months away, so our team thought it would be fun to get together and print our shirts with help from a local business! The guys over at TCnP were AWESOME and super helpful. We had a blast making our shirts!





Our Ragnar team has a Ninja Turtle theme, because well…


So we called ourselves the Herd O’ Turtles.


And our shirts are pretty awesome.

A huge thanks to Troy Cloth & Paper, too! Go check them out, they are right on River Street in Troy.

Afterward, a few of us decided to get some food in Troy. We walked over to the new quesadilla place on Fulton called Muddaddy Flats. I ordered the veggie quesadilla, this thing was HUGE! And deliciously amazing. It was filled with chopped spinach, quinoa, corn & black beans, tomato, and peppers & onions with cheddar/jack and mozzarella cheese. They also serve them with fresh salsa and sour cream. Ah, so good.


I’ll be spending a lot of time in Troy this fall for grad school, so its going to be hard not to eat here every night for dinner. And the staff were really friendly, too.

MudDaddy Flats Quesadillary on Urbanspoon
After lunch, Loretta and I went over to Schodack to the Brookview Station winery for a tasting…more on that later!

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  1. I love Muddaddy’s. It’s probably a good thing it’s not closer to my apartment, otherwise I’d walk down there just about every day for a reuben quesadilla.

  2. Funny, I only heard about that quesadilla place’s existence the other day, and here you are, talking about it. I’ll have to try it, if I can ever get there when they’re open. (Yet another place that’s closed Sundays, meh.)

    How expensive were the shirts? There’s been a couple times when I’ve thought of having some made for something, but I never had a good idea for where to go.

  3. I’m so glad you were here in Troy. Taylor and Ben are great guys at Troy Cloth and Paper. They made my Muddaddy t-shirts.
    As for coming in for lunch…glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting folks know you were here and that I am here.

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