Indian, Ice Cream and Dinosaurs

I'm back from Pittsburgh, bummer! Yesterday Chris and I drove home from there, but I still have yet to recap a few of our days. Let's go back to Friday.

Friday morning Chris had a dentist appointment (exciting), so after that we met his cousin Laura for lunch at Tamarind Flavor of India Restaurant in Oakland. They had a sweet lunch buffet, too so that was exciting. Everything was so flavorful and delicious! The naan was soft but crispy on the outside, which I liked. Both of the vegetable dishes were excellent.


There was also this sweet mango-ish drink we had. It was interesting but very good.


Tamarind Flavor of India on Urbanspoon
After lunch the three of us decided to hit up Dave & Andy's ice cream since we were in Oakland and all..

Nothing like the s'mores hard yogurt. It was SO GOOD. I hadn't been here since 2010, so it was good to have their ice cream again.
After parting ways with Laura, Chris and I went to the Carnegie Natural History Museum.
They had one of the biggest gemstone exhibits I had EVER seen.


They also had an awesome dinosaur exhibit....most of the dinos were made with real bones, too. I was expecting them to be casts.



My favorite guys, the T-Rexes.


And one of the most fascinating things to me...a skull of a Dire Wolf...the Game of Thrones nerd in me was super excited to see this because I didn't think they were real.

We also saw a really cool exhibit on ancient Arabian artifacts, but they didn't allow photos in there--bummer. Some of the stuff was really cool. This Gazette article has some pictures, if you are interested.
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