Pittsburgh Brews and Dinner at Abay

Yesterday Chris and I wanted to try some of Pittsburgh’s local brews! We drove over to East End Brewing Company to check them out.



We sampled a bunch of theirs beers, all of which were good! I think my favorite was the Monkey Boy hefeweizen.


I also tried their stout. It was sooo dark. A bit too much for me!


Chris got a growler of the Monkey Girl, a dunkelweizen that we later had on the porch. It was good and almost tasted like a sour beer! East End did have a sour beer but it was really sour. The dunkelweizen tasted good!

Overall it was a awesome tasting experience over at East End!


Next it was time for dinner. Chris and his parents and I wanted to go to Abay Ethiopian because we has heard it was good and I had never had Ethiopian before. Albany doesn’t have any Ethiopian places. (Not surprising!)

We each ordered a spiced iced tea that tasted like Christmas to me! Then came time to order food! We went with a same plate of for different entrees. Ethiopian dining is a communal experience! The food comes out on a large round plate along with bread called injera.


The injera was really soft and was delicious with the food. We ate by dipping the injera into the food and using it like a spoon! No utensils needed here. It was fun to eat with our hands! The food was really flavorful. My favorite was the collards with cheese and the string beans and carrots.

For dessert I had a piece of baklava! Not Ethiopian but still delicious.


Ethiopian food may look different, but it’s so good! Don’t knock it until you try it!

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