More Burlington Highlights

So, on Sunday after the marathon, we showered and changed. Then Loretta, Tina (Loretta’s relay partner) and I went to the Magic Hat Brewery in South Burlington.


They had a lot of cool merchandise and were letting us sample four of their beers. We each got a punch card for the sampler. The samples were free, we just had to tip the bartender. The Elder Betty, one of their summer beers, was my favorite!


There weren’t any tours on Sunday, but we got to go look around at the factory from above.


I kind of wish we could have had a pint of beer or two, but the samples were all we got. Blah.

Monday morning, the sun finally came out in Burlington! Loretta and I went back to Church street for breakfast.


We found Henry’s Diner, which seemed like a reliable option! I was in need of hearty breakfast! I ordered the veggie skillet, which came out in an actual cast iron skillet! Home fries, veggies, eggs and an amazing whole wheat toast! The toast was my favorite, it was nice and thick!


Henry's Diner on Urbanspoon

After breakfast we went back down to the Waterfront to finally see Lake Champlain in the sunlight! It was beautiful! The race course was on the bike path right on the lake like this. If it had been sunny we would have had these views. I remember during the race I had to force myself to look out at the lake to take advantage of the view. At that point looking at the scenery wasn’t my top priory since it was the last half of the race.



At least I got to see it on a nice day! We headed home shortly after. I loved Burlington! I would definitely go back and I’m considering running the marathon relay next year since I loved this race so much.

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