I’m Running a Marathon Tomorrow

So yeah, I’m running a marathon tomorrow. In the rain. But running in the rain is nothing new here.


If you follow me on twitter, the last few days have been filled of tweets regarding the state of Vermont’s weather, but alas, I cannot control it, so I just need to ignore it and try to be prepared as I can be. This may have involved purchasing a rain and wind proof running jacket at the expo today.

Anyway, it rained our entire drive to Vermont, and even on the ferry.


Typical ferry weather. It was my first time ever taking a ferry by car, so it was kind of exciting.


When Loretta and I got to Burlington, we checked into our hotel and then promptly found the nearest brewery.


At the Vermont Pub and Brewery, I got the Forbidden Fruit, a sour raspberry beer–delicious.


And I got the vegetarian reuben with sweet potato fries for a late lunch/early dinner.


It was very tasty and very filling! I love having a veggie option for Reuben because I normally never get to eat them.

Vermont Pub & Brewery on Urbanspoon

After eating, we walked around the Marketplace for a bit (in the rain), hit up a few stores and then went to the Race Expo, were we picked up our bibs and race shirts.

I’m really enjoying Burlington! I’m excited to run the race here and I’m going to make the best of it–enjoy every moment of the race despite the rain and take it one mile at time.

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