Weekly Workout Schedule – 5.20.13 – Marathon Week!

Well, its finally here! The week of my second marathon. I didn’t log as nearly as many miles as I had wanted during this training cycle, but there’s nothing to do now but run the race!

Last week’s schedule

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 mi complete
Wednesday – 3 mi actual: 60 min hot flexibility flow yoga class
Thursday – Workforce Team Challenge 3.5 mi race complete!
Friday – Rest actual: ~13 mi cycling commute to work
Saturday – 8 mi actual: 8.9 mi
Sunday – Rest

Saturday’s final long run went really well. I did my hilly loop for more hill practice.  I have two short runs scheduled for this week, lots of rest, and lots of (healthy) carb eating planned. I’m planning on resting my foot a good three days before the marathon, just so I know it will be good for the race.

Workout schedule for this week

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 mi
Wednesday – 4 mi + hot flexibility flow yoga
Thursday – Rest, possibly biking to work
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Pre-race yoga session

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