Girls Night in Troy

Last night my sister and a few friends and I met for dinner and drinks in Troy. It was also Troy Night Out so that was a bonus! We had dinner at Illium Cafe!


Dinner was very tasty, even if service was a tad slow. I got a glass of Malbec and ordered the vegetarian pad thai with tofu.

The wine was very tasty–I really like reds lately.

The pad thai was made with rice noodles and had peanut sauce–very good! It wasn’t too heavy of a dish either, which was nice.


After dinner we went into one of the photography shops and looked around just for fun, then headed across the way to the Confectionery, a new wine bar. A bunch of us had been dying to try it since we’ve heard such good things.


I loved it! This place was awesome-so many wines to choose from and wine on tap! They also have small plates and desserts from one of my favorite bakeries, Xs to Os!

I got a glass of Riesling from the Finger Lakes on tap for $6 along with a vegan cookie pie.


It was really crowded but we got a seat after a few minutes. Walking into the Confectionery I felt like I was transported to another place–like Brooklyn or something. 😉 Its really nice to have hip places like this in the Capital Region. We need more, especially in Albany. Troy is definitely doing something right. Albany, why don’t you follow?

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