18 Miles and a Bagel

So, the marathon training plan called for 18 lovely miles yesterday. I went to the Niskyauna Bike Path for a change of scenery. Foursquare kindly reminded me that I had been running up here since November 2012.

It’s a pretty nice place to run, a paved path for miles and miles.

I ran the first 10 miles solo. My legs were tired, and I wasn’t feeling 100%. I think this was due to the fact that I donated blood on Friday morning–but I figured since it was more than 12 hours before my run, I’d be okay. I made sure to hydrate really well Friday night and Saturday morning.

My lovely friend Laura joined me for the remainder of the run, and I struggled the the rest of the run. My mistake was that I forgot to put more Gu chomps in my belt for the rest of the run. FAIL! I ended up STARVING by the 13th mile, and still had 5 to go!
Apparently 1 Gu at mile 10 is NOT enough! I should have known better! I think this was the closest I ever felt like I was “bonking” on a really long run.

I had to walk a decent portion of the 16th mile, BUT–we got it done. And thank you Laura for running with me and entertaining me for 8 miles! šŸ˜€

Long Run Stats

Total Distance – 18 miles
Time – 3:20:?? (forgot to restart Garmin for about .75 miles there somewhere)
Average pace: 11:06

If I had remembered my Gu I’m guessing that would have gone better.

Anyway, I was SO hungry after the run I made a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts (Something I rarely do, if ever) because I wanted a bagel and cream cheese SO BAD. I also got a hot chocolate for good measure. It tasted amazing and I really needed it!

Officially there are five weeks left until the marathon, if all else fails, at least I got an 18 miler in.

Still planning on the 20 miler in two weeks!

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  1. Holy crap! I can’t believe we only have five weeks until race day. I feel like I’m not going to have run that many long runs, but oh well.

    Great job! What kinds of fuel do you think you’ll use for the marathon? Do you bring your own?
    lisa fine recently posted..going on here.

    1. I have a whole box of Gu that I bought a while back, I’m going to bring a bunch of them…Last time I used honey stinger waffles but I didn’t get any this time around since I already have a lot of Gu. I might pick up some for the marathon though since they are real food, esp if i get really hungry while running!

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