Weekly Workout Schedule – 4.15.13 – Plus Odds & Ends

Last week’s schedule

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 mi + hot yoga actual: 3.1 mi @ pine bush preserve
Wednesday – 6 mi actual: 60 min hot yoga flow
Thursday – Spin actual: rest
Friday – Rest actual: rest
Saturday – 17 mi actual: 17 mi @ 10:14
Sunday – Volunteer @ Delmar Dash actual: 60 min hot yoga flow

Total mileage – 20.1 miles

As you could tell from last post, I’ve been pretty down about training. Well, after taking two complete rest days on Thursday and Friday and a Physical Therapy session, I made sure to rest up so I could attempt a 17 mile long run on Saturday. Well, it was a success!


I mapped out a route with less hills (I think hills irritate my foot and calf muscles) and went on my way. It was pretty cloudy on Saturday but the temperature was good, so it was perfect for running. Almost three hours later, I was done with my long run.

I stopped at mile 11.11 to get some water and eat a Gu, (orange vanilla flavor is my new favorite–tastes like a creamcicle) and after that my foot got a little uncomfortable for the rest of the run–I think starting and stopping makes it worse, but, for the most part, it was tolerable!

Long Run Stats
Distance – 17 miles
Time – 2:54:07
Average Pace – 10:14/mile

Afterward, I stretched and iced my foot, which was highly unpleasant. At least someone found it entertaining.


Sunday morning I got up pretty early to drive over to Delmar. I had plans to volunteer at a small local race, the Delmar Dash Five Miler. I ran this race two years ago and had a lot of fun, so every once in a while I try to give back to HMRRC and volunteer for a race! Plus I like having the status of  “Race Official”! 😀

I was at small intersection and had to fend off approaching cars. Thankfully there were only about four.

It was fun watching everyone run. I need to volunteer more often!

After that, I needed to warm up so I went to a hot yoga flow class, which I needed so bad since my legs were so tight from Saturday’s long run.

Sunday evening Chris and I also went over to a friends apartment for a home cooked spaghetti dinner, which was great! Thanks Rob & Caitlyn for such a great dinner!


Now, for this week’s schedule

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 mi + Hot Yoga
Wednesday – 6 mi
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 18 miles
Sunday – Strength

On this day last year, I was running a half marathon in Central Park with Alicia!

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  1. Thanks for volunteering – you always get the near-the-end assignments! Still, I’m glad that, unlike in the marathon last year, I managed to spot you and croak a greeting this time! Glad to hear the running is improving too.
    the_exile recently posted..Day 6.094: Dashing?

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