Brunch at Saratoga National

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Last night Chris and I celebrated St. Patty's day a little early. We went to our friends' apartment downtown for dinner of corned beef & cabbage! I brought the Irish soda bread and Irish cheddar cheese. It was my first time making the soda bread and it came out FANTASTIC. I didn't take any shortcuts--the recipe was from one of my this baby is NOT healthy! The healthiest thing in it was the raisins. 9a5e4fe88e5c11e2b22b22000a1f96e2_7 Anyway--that was super fun. We didn't stay out too late--I wanted to get to an early AM spin class this morning. 😉 Chris and I also made plans for brunch this morning at the Prime at Saratoga National. Its restaurant week up in Saratoga so we took advantage of the $20 brunch. Its usually $30, so it was a pretty sweet deal, since it's a pretty awesome selection of food! 20130317-161612.jpg I opted to get an omelet from the omelet station. They have you add your fixings to a small plate and then they made the omelet for you! I got lots of peppers and mushrooms in mine. 20130317-161627.jpg I also tried a bit of french toast and home fries, along with fruit! 20130317-161643.jpg I also tried the clam chowder and some seafood medley, both were delicious. Now, my favorite part had to be the dessert table. 20130317-161700.jpg 20130317-161707.jpg They had a chocolate cake, all types of cookies and pastries, and chocolate fondue, with fruit, marshmallows and cream puffs for dipping. The chocolate cake was amazing--thankfully another lady in front of me only took half a slice, so I stole the other half! 20130317-161714.jpg Chris and I also split one of these, which was filled with lemon filling. Mmm. 20130317-161743.jpg Definitely an indulgent place! They also had corned beef and cabbage since it was St. Patty's Day, but I think Chris had his fill last night! 20130317-161720.jpg The brunch at Prime was awesome, and for $20 at such a fancy place, you can't beat it. And the service was friendly and fantastic. Prime at Saratoga National on Urbanspoon Its still restaurant week up there--so take advantage!

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