On Skipping a Long Run

Well, it looks like my Plantar Fasciitis is back to haunt me! I mentioned earlier that my foot was sore after my long run on Saturday…well, that was an understatement. I just didn’t want to admit how bad it was. Stupidly, I ran the Shamrock Run on the sore foot and it throbbed for days after. I iced it, stretched, and rested for three more days, thinking on Wednesday I could go out for my 7 miles. Well, the run went fine! But by the end I was hurting–the last mile especially. It was throbbing even when I wasn’t standing on it–but putting weight on it hurt, a lot. This image is spot on.

I didn’t run yesterday, instead I opted for the Jillian Micheals’ strength training DVD to burn some calories. Today I’m going to do some yoga–and the thing I’m most worried about is Saturday’s long run, which I’m planning to skip entirely.

Out of all the half marathons (and marathons) I’ve trained for, I’ve never skipped a long run. I’ve stuck to my training schedules. But this time, I have to. My foot just hurts too bad to even think about running 15 miles tomorrow. Vermont City is a little over two months away, and I still have time to recover from this. My plan is to REST it…but I’m really hoping it gets better because I’m determined to run Vermont City on May 26th!

Anyone have experience with taking time off during marathon training?? I’m really worried that too much time off will screw up my endurance…and I’ll have to start from scratch again. I’m going to the podiatrist in a week and a half (I couldn’t get in any sooner)…If this heals quickly, I’m hoping to do my 15 miler next weekend…

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  1. As you know, I was injured last fall and was out for a few weeks. It did not negatively impact me and I rode my bike a lot to compensate for lost running time. If anything, it made me stronger and I was able to PR in a half and a full. I maxed out my training at 16 miles and honestly, after mile marker 16 at Philly, I never noticed that I wouldn’t be able to endure another 10. It was very doable. Of course, everyone is different.

    Listen to your body and REST. Your body is clearly sending you a message so don’t discount it. You have plenty of time to get your long runs in but if you don’t rest up you won’t be doing any long runs because you’ll be injured for the long-term. Back off when you need to. 🙂
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  2. I remember that! I hope I can come back as fast as you did! You rocked Ragnar & the marathon! How far were your bike rides? I’m hoping to SPIN this weekend, since biking outside is out of the question right now…too cold…haha.

    1. Ok–our spin classes are 45 min on the week days and 60 on the weekend, I can usually get to about 20ish miles during class so I hope that helps~!

  3. I hope your foot gets to feeling better! I think you’re doing the right thing and the smart thing by resting now, while the race is still 2 months away, instead of running through it.

    I don’t have experience with taking time off during training (I have only previous run half marathons). But I think as long as you’re able to get in a solid 18 to 20 miler you should be okay. Especially where this won’t be your first marathon.
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  4. last year when I was training for my full marathon (VCM!) I actually had to have minor heart surgery just seven weeks away from the big day. even though I was cleared to run just days after, I listened to my body and rested two weeks after. I missed me longest run of training and picked things back up during tapering. listen to your body- you know best!

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