New Downtown Lunch Spot

The Beer Doctors posted today about the lack of good food in Downtown Albany after a night out at some of the bars. I agree--I also think there is definitely a lack of options down there for a quick grab and go lunch on the week day. There are a ton of lunch shops, all with weird hours, most have subs full of deli meat, with no meat-free option in sight--unless you want a boring salad with lack of tasty toppings (and protein). Last week my co-worker Molly and I were walking around Pearl Street looking for a place to grab lunch. We happened upon Dali Mamma on Maiden Lane--just recently opened. With some vegetarian sandwiches on the menu, I was eager to try it! image_2 It was also really cute and bright inside which was nice change of scenery from cubicles walls and gray skies, since it happened to be a pretty gloomy day when we went. I ordered the apple and cheddar sandwich on ciabatta bread. The bread was hearty and the apple was crisp and tasty...the cheddar added a nice bite and the horseradish dressing was a good complement. It was a pricey sandwich ($8--my only gripe with the price was that it was kind of pricey for a sandwich with no protein--it would be GREAT to see some veg protein added to some of the sandwiches), also a bit more cheddar would have been perfect. The sandwich came with a delicious cous cous salad, which had a sweet dressing and some raisins, which was unlike any cous cous I've had--and I really liked it. But, the portion was was so tasty I wished I had more. image_1 Overall, I was impressed with this sandwich! It was really nice to have a place to go for lunch downtown that wasn't all meatball sub and deli-meat heavy, that also focuses on healthy local and organic ingredients. I'd really like to see Dali Mamma succeed downtown. I'll be back! image_3 Dali Mamma on Urbanspoon

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