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As part of marathon training, I’m trying to be more vigilant about stretching and cross training. I really need to make yoga a regular thing. But sometimes I get in the habit of tossing it aside when I’ve already done my workout for the day and would rather stay on the couch instead of go to the gym.

I decided to try a new-to-me yoga studio in Albany, the Hot Yoga Spot! I did like my other studio, the Good Karma Studio, but I wanted to try something different and heard good things about Hot Yoga Spot. They have a wider range of classes that work better with my schedule, also.

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I decided to go all out and take the Bikram-inspired class with Bethany. She used to teach at Good Karma and I loved her classes there, so I knew it’d be a great one.

The last time I took a real Bikram class in a super hot studio was over two years ago in Saratoga. This class was very similar to that and just as hot!

The room was a hot 104 degrees and I was sweating buckets. A few times I felt light headed so I just sat down on my mat for a bit until I could get back into the pose. I left feeling great though. I love how the heat and stretching makes my legs feel when I leave–so fresh!

The class was very crowded. I was really taken by surprise since my other studio would have like two or three people in the evening classes…I guess this studio is more popular!  I can’t wait to try some other classes.

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  1. I’ve been getting into yoga lately too. I bought a Living Social deal a while back for a hot yoga studio, and went a few times (but not enough to make it worthwhile, unfortunately).

    We did find a free local yoga class though, and have only been once, but I want to get into going more frequently. Can’t beat a free class.
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  2. I’m so glad you liked it! I really like the flow classes or the core fusion classes, they’re taught at 90 degrees I think, but I’m always sweating my butt off still. I’ve done bikram once with Bethany and definitely would go to another class with you 🙂

    I’ve done a few of the barre classes too, and they’re not traditional yoga, but they mix either the barre or weights with yoga and they’re a great workout too!

      1. Yes, definitely! This week is a bit crazy for me (I have a bunch of appointments and I’m visiting family over the weekend) but lets talk over the weekend and find a class to go to next week 🙂

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