Dinner at Sushi X

Saturday night Chris and I went to dinner with our friends Rob and Caitlyn. Chris and Rob are huge fans of Sushi X Lounge in Latham because of the selection of sushi and various Japanese food. It was crowded on Saturday, but service was pretty good. Everything came out really fast.

The way Sushi X works is this: you order from a Kitchen Menu and a Sushi Bar menu for one set price of $22.99 (for weekends, cheaper on the weekday). On the kitchen menu they have all types of appetizers. You check off what you want on the piece of paper and how many of each food you want. We ordered a bunch off food off the kitchen menu. Chris got peppered tuna (below), which I ended up loving!

salsaverde 003

Another thing I loved about Sushi X was the drink menu: $6 glass of Riesling, and they fill the glasses up! The glasses aren’t small, either.

salsaverde 004

Other apps I got from the kitchen menu were the calamari, teriyaki tofu and lobster tempura. Tofu and calamari shown below.

salsaverde 005

The main attraction is the all you can eat sushi. You order the rolls from the Sushi Bar menu for the entire table and they bring it all out on one big plate. You have to eat everything or they charge you a la carte for the things you don’t eat. I ordered the Philly roll and then tried a bit of everything else on the plate. The only thing bad is that they don’t tell you what’s what on the plate. Its just a mix of everything you ordered. I really had no idea what I was eating most of the time, but most of it was really tasty.

salsaverde 006

I made sure to save room for dessert, the green tea ice cream. It had a really big tea flavor. It was different, but not horrible!

salsaverde 007

I can see why Chris loves Sushi X so much! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I liked it too. I’d definitely go back. It’s a great place for a fun dinner with a group of friends.

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