Post Marathon Celebrations

The post marathon high is still going strong over here! I’m feeling a little bit sad that it’s over–and I’m looking for my next big goal! But right now, lets discuss the post-marathon celebrations that happened back in Richmond.


The three of us hung out at the finish line for about an hour or two, stretching, etc. We decided it was time to venture over to the bag check area, which we had heard had long lines located up a hill around the corner from the finish. Honestly, walking up the hill wasn’t horrible. I thought my legs were going to feel worse than they did. The line had shortened by then so it took maybe 5 minutes to get our bags. Then the walk to the hotel began. It was less than a mile away, and it was good for our legs to be walking a little bit! We saw the last finishers of the marathon go by and cheered them on. I couldn’t believe it was over already.

I drank my tasty Cheribundi that was in my bag and put on my marathon shirt. It felt good to be lumped into the marathon crowd this time. 🙂


When we got to the hotel we each showered and collapsed into bed for a little bit until we couldn’t take the hunger pains anymore…we needed food!!!

The hotel shuttle (For those wondering we stayed at the Doubletree Downtown in Richmond–I would highly recommend it!) to the Capital Ale House downtown.

Capital Ale House has a gigantic beer selection! I ordered the Farmhouse Pumpkin but they were sold out…our server said the place was a packed madhouse after the race–thankfully we went home and showered first. I ended up getting the Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin–very tasty indeed.


Chris, Melissa and I each split two appetizers, the pirogies and cheese curds!

IMG_0613.jpg IMG_0614.jpg

The cheese curds were so light and fluffy—so good!




(yes, we wore our medals to the restaurant! We ended up chatting to other marathoners next to us, which was so cool.)

For my meal I got the vegetable bruchetta. The fries were delicious but the bruchetta was hard to eat–I had to take most of the veggies off–but the bread part was tasty because it had goat cheese on it. I kind of wish I had gotten something a little different because it wasn’t too satisfying. Oh well!


Capital Ale House (Downtown) on Urbanspoon
After dinner the shuttle took us back to the hotel where we pretty much passed out by 7pm. It was hard to get comfortable–the legs still felt like they were on fire–but this feeling didn’t last long, by the next morning they just felt all round sore. I’d say the soreness only last two days. Saturday and Monday were the worst…but they were pretty much back to normal yesterday! I think I’m ready to run again tomorrow. 🙂
Overall I had such a great experience in Richmond…the trip was too short if I do say so myself! The marathon was excellent and I would highly recommend this as a first marathon for anyone. I would definitely run this race again!!

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  1. Capital Ale House is interesting – great beer, great appetizers, then the main course is like a 50-50 shoot. We went to one of the other locations that night and got a pretzel and fries before, then my burger just fell apart. Still a great post-race place though! So many more places you could check out next year. 😉
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