Marathon Week

Okay, it’s here! Its officially Marathon Week!

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I haven’t blogged about much else besides this race because its pretty much consumed my life for the past 3 or so months. I began training back in July..I can’t believe race day is almost here! I want to make sure this week goes smoothly and I want to prepare for the race as much as possible. My final long run on Saturday morning didn’t go so great (7.5 miles), but I’ve heard that its normal during tapering to experience less-than-stellar runs.

To ensure I have a good race this week I’m going to be working on a few things.

  • Avoid eating processed junk and crappy food
  • Hydrating well
  • Stretching every day
  • Wearing sneakers (even to work) every day
  • Wearing my night splints to bed every night to stretch out my feet
  • Wearing my compression sleeves after my runs
  • Rolling out my feet on a tennis ball and icing them after my runs {I’m planning on doing a post on how I’ve been dealing with my PF during marathon training, so stay tuned for that}
  • Not pushing myself too hard on my runs
  • Eating whole grain carbohydrates and limiting my dairy consumption

Okay, what am I missing?!

I’m super excited to be going to Richmond in a few short days. I also hear it’s going to be quite the party, as the marathon has seen a surge of entrants since the cancellation of the New York City Marathon. It’s going to be awesome!

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  1. Relax and try not to be too frustrated this week. You’ve done all you can – now it’s just time to cash-in on all the hard work. I hope you have a great race and look forward to reading all about it!
    the_exile recently posted..Day 5.299: More Frun!

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