Marathon Training in Numbers

One week from today I’ll be running my first marathon in Richmond, Virginia! I figured this post would be fun.

Marathon training in numbers:

Days left until marathon: 7

Times I’ve been to Richmond, VA: Zero

Miles I’ll be running in Richmond, VA: 26.2 (+2 if you count the “shake out” run)

Weeks I spent training: 18

Long runs on the bike path: 4

Miles ran during training as of today: 405

Marathons volunteered at: 1 (Mohawk Hudson River Marathon)

Cider donuts consumed: 5

Pumpkin beers consumed: too many to count

Ice baths taken: 3

Pieces of carrot cake eaten: 2

Running gear purchased: 5 (1 pair Injinji socks, 1 pair Zensah compression sleeves, 2 running tops, 1 pair Brooks Adrenalines GTS)

Gus eaten: too many to count

Times I used my foam roller: 1

Yoga classes taken: 10

Injuries: 2 (twisted ankle and reoccurring plantar fasciitis)

Bike rides as cross-training: 5

Races run during training: 2 (Maple Leaf Half Marathon & Ragnar Relay Adirondacks)

Times I regretted signing up for a marathon: zero



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  1. Love your last data point. You’re going to rock the marathon. Enjoy every step and smile alot along the way, in celebration of all you’ve accomplished.

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