Weekly Workout Schedule – 10.29.12

Last weeks schedule

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 5 mi actual: 4.5 mi
Wednesday – 4 mi  actual: 3 mi
Thursday – 5 mi actual: rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 12 mi actual: 14 mi
Sunday – Rest/XT 

Total Mileage – 21.5 mi

Marathon Training Update

Can you tell I’m currently in taper mode for the last few weeks of training? I completely skipped my Thursday night run because I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold, so I opted to rest instead.  All week my legs were feeling fatigued from the 20 miler and I was totally unmotivated to run. Is that normal during tapering? I was looking forward to my long runs on Saturday though, because I was meeting up with some awesome girls (Hi Valerie, Melissa & Yulia!) for our run at the the Bike Path. It was another beautiful fall day with warmer than normal temperatures of high 50s, which was great because I’m thinking that’s what the weather will be like in Virginia on race day. If I’m lucky it will be in the 30s but I think that’s wishful thinking, no? 😉

Long Run Stats

Distance 14.08 miles
Time – 2:28:48
Average Pace – 10:34 (essentially my goal pace for the marathon)

Sunday I participated in the RunDead5K, a zombie themed race up at SPAC! The race wasn’t really what I was hoping for, so I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t have to run, but it was a LOT of standing around waiting for runners to come by. I think I did a good job playing Zombie, though!

Workout schedule for this week:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 4 mi
Wednesday – 3 mi
Thursday – 4 mi
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 8 mi – Last long run before the marathon!
Sunday – Rest/XT – I’m going to try REALLY hard to get to a yoga class at some point

Total Mileage – 19 mi

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  1. I just did my first full marathon on 10/7. I got unmotivated to run after the 20 but I also got real nervous and stuck to the plan because that was the plan! Tapering felt really weird and I felt like it had been forever since the 20. Just keep in mind, anything that started to hurt toward the end of your 20, REALLY hurts during the full. That was the case for me, anyway. Also, go get a massage a couple days post race. You will deserve it.

  2. I was a runner at the event and really enjoyed myself! I fell in love with trail running there and thought the course was beautiful – despite hills and stairs. Wish I had looked for you because I shot the SEEN gallery for the TU and got some terrific zombie pictures. Good luck on the marathon!
    Silvia Lilly recently posted..Mezze

  3. I hear talk of this taper thing being all hard and making you go crazy… but I’ve been in love with it. I’m right with you with being unmotivated after the 20 miler. But my short runs since then have been refreshing.

    See you in Richmond. 🙂 Looks like we’re about the same pace.
    Chad @thebreakupnote recently posted..I’m Ready.

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