In Lake Placid

After the Ragnar Relay, Chris and I were pretty beat. My parents had met us at the finish line of the Ragnar Relay. I had booked a hotel in Lake Placid for Saturday night months in advance, and our team was heading straight home after the race. That meant we needed a ride home! My parents came to the rescue because they are awesome and wanted to see some of the sights in Lake Placid.

My parents had already checked into the hotel, the Econo Lodge right down the street from the Finish Area of the race. Our team dropped us off and we said our goodbyes! Time to relax! Thank goodness our hotel had a hot tub, it was much welcomed.

The hotel was full of fellow-ragnarians. Every time we saw someone who had ran (it was obvious) we ended up talking and swapping race stories. It was awesome. There were so many other Ragnar vans in the parking lot!

After getting a much needed shower and resting for a little bit, we hit up a place for dinner with my parents. We ended up going to Milano North, an Italian place on Main Street. Apparently it has an “Albany Cousin” but I have never heard of a Milano restaurant in Albany…

I knew what I wanted when I got there…a glass of Riesling! Their Reisling by the glass was one from the Finger Lakes. Perfect! It was delicious.

I was debating on what to get for dinner…pasta or fish. I ended up going with the maple salmon with risotto since I usually never order risotto and it was a treat! It ended up being delicious and very filling! The salmon tasted good, too.

Such a good meal after eating snacky foods and horrible eggs during the weekend. 🙂

Milano North on Urbanspoon

After dinner we went to some shops in Lake Placid, but it was still raining and we were exhausted! We went back to our hotel and got ready for bed. The beds were so soft it was like sleeping on a cloud–but I guess even a gym floor would feel like that after being stuck in a cramped van overnight on only a few hours of sleep!

The next morning we had free breakfast at the hotel (make your own waffles!) and got ready to head back. Mostly everything was closed in the village by then but we checked out and decided to walk around down by Mirror Lake and take pictures.

The foliage was so pretty up there! I wish we had seen more of it during the race, but it was so dark and rainy.

We drove the route that the runners took up to Lake Placid so we passed Whiteface Moutain and got out to take some more pictures.

Yes, I look awesome rocking my compression sleeves with orange and grey shoes! Anyway–I would love go hiking up here eventually! On the drive back down to Albany we passed so many trail heads to high peaks. Everyone was parked at the side of the road, too.

Now that Ragnar is said and done, I have so many thoughts floating around in my head about the race. I keep thinking about it, sad that its over, and looking forward to my chance to do it again!

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