Inadequate Fueling

Today I ran 18 miles. Or at least what I think was 18 miles. Because I forgot to re-start my Garmin at one point during the end of the run (I have a bad habit of doing that lately) I’m guessing I ran around 17.8, but I’ll take that.

Melissa and I met up at the Niskayuna Bike Path this morning. She was running 17, and me 18. We also met two other nice ladies there who ran with us for most of the way! Seven miles into the run I started feeling HUNGRY. Normally I don’t feel hungry too much on long runs because usually I eat enough for breakfast and the night before. I thought I had eaten enough last night since I made a home made pizza (and ate half…but the pieces were small)


I had my standard cereal and granola for breakfast and then headed out 45 minutes later to meet Melissa.

I brought one Gu with me, but I should have brought more because you really need to fuel every hour or so of running. I ate my Gu at mile 9 and that held me over for a while. Melissa gave me a Honey Stinger Wafer, which was something I’d never had before but it was delicious! I may invest in those because I’m getting tired of Gu lately. Even eating those two things throughout the run, I was still hungry when I had about 4 miles left.


The last 4 miles were tough. My legs didn’t want to move and my stomach was grumbling. I wasn’t a happy camper. But, all in all, I pushed through with a few walking breaks (and stretch breaks too!) and made it to about 17.8ish miles.

It was nice to run up at the Bike Path again. I hadn’t been there since April! Its so pretty this time of year.

Next week is a step-back week in marathon training. But I’m also running the Adirondack Ragnar Relay with Melissa, Chris and the rest of our team. I think I have 16 miles total for the weekend for my three legs. I’m super excited about it. Ragnar, here we come!

Oh, in other random news, I’m finally part of the iPhone crowd! I ordered the iPhone 5 last week and it arrived last night. This thing is AWESOME! Yes, I’m an Apple nerd!


Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weekend. I’m going to go EAT!

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