What I’m Loving Right Now – Marathon Training Edition

Monday marked two months until the marathon! I figured I’d write a post on some things that have been making training easier!

Injinji Toe Socks

I just ordered my second pair of toe socks for marathon training. They are a bit thinner than my previous pair, which make them perfect for the warmer weather runs. They are so comfortable and help prevent blisters on my toes! I’m a huge fan. Yes, cat feet are in the photo too.

Tart Cherry, Mango & Strawberry Protein Smoothies

Since ordering my new favorite vanilla protein powder, I make these smoothies all the time. I also love adding Cheribundi to it for the long run recovery benefits of tart cherry juice. I always feel great after drinking these and I think they definitely help with recovery! I usually add the cherry juice, protein powder, frozen mango, frozen banana, and frozen strawberries to the mix and it tastes so refreshing. Disclaimer: Cheribundi has been sending me products throughout my training cycle. I only endorse products I 100% love, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about them on the blog!


I never really utilized map my run until I started marathon training. Its so easy to map out a route on the website, save it, and share with your running buddies. It is also available as an iphone app where GPS satellites track the progress of your run, but I haven’t done that since I have a GPS watch. It also shows you the elevation of your run as well as categorizes steep climbs, which I find kind of neat.

Trader Joe’s Granola Clusters Cereal

Since our first Trader Joe’s opened up last month, I’ve been a regular there. My go-to pre-run breakfast on the weekend has been a bowl of Barbara’s Puffins cereal mixed with a bit of this TJ’s granola with almond milk. I’ve also had the vanilla almond flavor, which I love just as much! Its definitely not low-cal, so I save it for when I have double digits on tap and I know I’ll need the fuel. It’s also great sprinkled on Greek yogurt.

Healthy Living Blogs

I also want to give a shout out to HLB, which is a database of exactly what it sounds like, healthy living bloggers! Its a great resource if you want to find other bloggers in your city and maybe future training buddies. Maybe someone locally is also training for a marathon! Disclaimer: HLB was generous enough to sponsor me for the marathon, so I had to give them some recognition!

I might do another post like this in the future, so stay tuned. šŸ™‚

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