Weekly Workout Schedule – 9.3.12

Last Week’s Schedule

Monday – 4 mile run  2 mi run
Tuesday – Power Yoga, Live Fit Chest/Abs 2 mi run, abs
Wednesday – 7 mile run complete
Thursday – 4 mile run 4 mile trail run complete
Friday – REST
Saturday – 15 mile run complete! a new PDR for me
Sunday – REST/XT 10.75 mile bike ride

Total Running Mileage – 30 miles

I did it…I finally hit 30 miles! My goal this week: make it to yoga! Right now yoga and stretching is really important so I can’t slack… I need to go at least every two weeks if I can’t go every week. I also want to make sure to keep up with my Live Fit weight training workouts at least once a week, although lately I haven’t been doing much at all. Now that marathon training is in full swing, my strength training will inevitably take a back seat.

Schedule for this week

Monday – 4 mi run
Tuesday – Power Yoga, Life Fit TBD
Wednesday – 7 mi run
Thursday – 4 mi run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Maple Leaf Half Marathon
Sunday – Rest/XT

Total Mileage – 28 miles



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