Scenes from a 15 Mile Bike Ride

Holy crap, I can’t believe I biked up some of the hills I did when I rode my bike this morning!

This weekend was a stepback weekend in my marathon training schedule (that means I run less miles on my long run–this weekend it was 9 miles instead of going up to 13, so my legs can recover for a week). After an awesome long run yesterday with my friend Melissa, I probably ate and drank a bit too much yesterday, so this morning I was craving a good workout, but I didn’t want to run again. I decided to break out my bike and go for a bike ride!


The weather was perfect–59 degrees! It felt like a fall day. I geared up and set out for a ride, the first time by myself in my “new” neighborhood. I say “new” because I know this area like the back of my hand but I’ve never biked it.


The first 9-10 miles were beautiful, so scenic, but also so very hilly! There was some monstrous hills in there, I had to get off and walk a few times since my bike isn’t that great (think 15 year old Huffy mountain bike–its embarrassing). I think I found a new route to run when I want to practice hills. (Which is really never, who am I kidding?) But in reality, I really SHOULD so I can be prepared come race day, it will only make me a stronger runner!

Here are some scenes from my ride.



(I spied a hawk watching prey on the telephone wire!)



I’m off to enjoy the pool before it closes in a few weeks, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Extended weekend over here (Monday and Tuesday are off days in celebration of Eid Mubarak) and it got off to a great start with a 10miler and vinyasa yoga on Saturday and yesterday was a 3.2miler and strength training. Throw in a couple of Eid Mubarak open houses/parties in the equation! All’s good. Taking today off running and will just cross train (elliptical and strength workout) – too bad I don’t have a bike – riding round the neighbourhood sounds great.
    Sue recently posted..Five Things Friday

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