Pizza at the Fountain

Sunday was a pretty gloomy and rainy day. But I had plans to hang out with my sister, her boyfriend Brian, my cousins Nicky & Rachel, and my parents. We originally were going to get pizza at Smitty’s Tavern but they weren’t open until 3 pm. Thankfully, we realized that before we left! Julie wanted to try the Fountain since she’d never been there and Brian wanted to try their pizza, since he is from out of town. My sister has been bringing him to Albany’s fine eating establishments. 🙂

Chris and I went to the Fountain before but I didn’t blog about it. We got an eggplant pizza which I loved but Chris didn’t…and we accidentally left our boxed up leftovers at the table that night. Sadface. Anyway, I was splitting a pizza with my parents this time, and we got a veggie one–with broccoli, mushrooms and peppers. ($2.50 each topping for a $10.50 large cheese pizza..also no spinach on the toppings list was a bit weird.)


I really like the Fountain’s pizza. Its pretty flavorful and the cheese was salty…but not too salty. I actually love salty cheese. And the crust was good too, crunchy on the edges.

It was good. But I think my favorite pizza place around here is still DiFazios. I just have to drive farther to get there.

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