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The year after I graduated from college, my roommates introduced me to sushi. I was obsessed with eating it! Then I sort of got burnt out and in the past three years I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had it…and not liking it very much during those times. I think I figured out why…my intense hatred for cucumber, which was inside almost every sushi roll I’ve eaten.

Last night my sister and I went to Mr. Fuji for dinner because I had been craving good sushi, a craving that only comes once in a blue moon! After a recommendation from a friend, we decided on this place. Thankfully I learned, after all these years, to just ask for it without the cucumber and it made a world of difference in my sushi experience!

I ordered the Philadelphia Roll (smoked salmon + cream cheese) and the Alaskan Roll (salmon + avocado) and both were delicious.

The pieces of sushi were large and filling. My favorite was the Philadelphia though because I love smoked salmon. It was so good, I will definitely be back for sushi at Mr. Fuji.

I also ordered a plum wine, just because, and it tasted like alcoholic Juicy-Juice (remember that stuff?) It was fun.

It was also nice spending some quality time with my sister!

I think my sushi obsession is back…

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2 comments to Mr. Fuji Sushi

  • there are a ton of great sushi places in the area… without breaking the bank! Sake in Latham is a favorite of mine, Sushi Tei on Western and Sake Cafe on New Scotland. They all have great quality ingredients (no fake crab meat) and the service is always wonderful. enjoy!

  • I thought Mr. Fuji was excellent too. Their dinner sushi platter has more interesting choices than the typical one, and very high quality.

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