The Start of Marathon Training

Well, marathon training is officially underway! Honestly, it doesn’t feel that real yet since I’m not doing anything different than normal for the first few weeks of training. I did, however, break out this old friend:

I probably hadn’t touched it in almost a year. My bad, I know. But my legs have been feeling tight lately so broke it out and foam rolled, focusing on my IT band. The following day my right calf was hurting. Weird, right? Now I have this strange soreness in my right shin right below my knee. I’m thinking of investing in some compression socks to wear during my runs to help with the soreness.

Yesterday’s AM five miler went well. I ran again this morning before work. The first five minutes were uncomfortable, my legs and feet were hurting. I think my problem is my Plantar Fasciitis . It is worse in the morning, so running in the morning isn’t pleasant. It takes about a half a mile to feel “normal”.  Now it has me wondering if my running shoes have anything to do with it, since I switched back in April to the Nike Air Pegasus. It is pretty frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to find the perfect running shoe. So far every pair I’ve worn has had some problem with them! Then again, I don’t have this problem running in the late morning or evening.

Anyone other runners out there have this issue?





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  1. I LOVE my compression socks. I’ve only had them for about a year now, but they are the best things ever. I have not worn them while I run, but have used them many times after my run and they have been great.

    As for the Plantar Fasciitis, I have been struggling with that with one of my feet, and I’m not really sure why. I’m wearing the same shoes I’ve worn for the last few years but all of a sudden it seems to be a problem. I also find it to be worse in the morning. I’d try stretching it before you go for a run and also stretch it on a regular basis, like every night. I found rolling a tennis ball under my foot works great for that. If it’s painful, another way to stretch it while helping with the pain is to freeze a water bottle and roll your arch out on that (just don’t fill the water bottle too full when you put it in the freezer since it will expand). If you wear sandals and heels a lot, it could be part of the problem. I’ve noticed a correlation between wearing flats with no support and having more pain. When it’s really bothering me I try to wear a shoe with some arch support for a couple days.

  2. Hooray for marathon training! I’m excited to read about how it goes. I hope your foot issue clears up soon!

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