Evening at Tanglewood

Friday night Chris had the idea to head over to Lenox, Mass. to check out the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood. Neither one of us had ever been there, so we figured since it was a beautiful night we’d head over for a picnic on the lawn while listening to music.

When we got there we walked around the grounds for a few minutes…at Tanglewood there is a gorgeous view of the Berkshires!

It was opening night and with the student discount our tickets were $10 each! You can’t beat that.  We bought our tickets at the gate.

The great thing about Tanglewood is that they allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages to have on the lawn. Everyone here had their own bottle of wine, complete with wine glasses, table and candles. It was quite a sight!

We didn’t get that fancy. We had chairs and a blanket, complete with plastic cups for our wine. Next time, we’re bringing a table!

We brought the Adirondack Winery’s Musical Medley. Perfect for the Orchestra, no? I picked this bottle of sweet, fruity wine in Lake George on the Fourth. It was extremely sweet and tasted of vanilla and pineapple.

We also brought a picnic dinner, which was a pasta salad, made with vegetable pasta, artichokes, along with squash and zucchini from our CSA basket.

Picnic perfection!

The Boston Symphony played an all Beethoven show on Friday, in celebration of their first concert at Tanglewood in the 1930s.

It was awesome! I’m so glad we went. It was quite the perfect date night.  There was even fireworks at the end! I would highly recommend taking a trip to Tanglewood. Its only a short drive from the Capital Region (a little over an hour) and so worth it. And don’t forget to bring wine!



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    1. I’m pretty sure it was just opening night! But then again, I’ve only been there once so I’m not really sure…

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