Weekly Workout Schedule 7.2.12

Last Week’s Schedule:

Monday – live fit shoulders/abs complete
Tuesday – 5 mile run, power yoga actual: 4.17 mile run, power yoga, live fit chest/triceps
Wednesday – 3 mile run, live fit chest/triceps actual: 2 mile run, live fit back/biceps
Thursday –  4 mile run actual: 5.21 mile run
Friday – Yoga, live fit back/biceps actual: power yoga, live fit shoulders/abs
Saturday – 8 mile run, yoga actual: 6 mile run
Sunday – Yoga, live fit shoulders/abs actual: 14 mile bike ride
Total mileage – 17 miles (31 if you count cycling miles)

I’m not pushing it with my running mileage lately, because I know when I start marathon training I’ll be logging lots of miles and I don’t want to get burnt out before I start that in a few weeks!

Workout Schedule for this week:

Monday – 4 mile run
Tuesday – Power yoga, Live Fit Back/Cardio
Wednesday – Firecracker 4 Mile Race
Thursday – 5 Mile Run
Friday – Yoga, Live Fit Chest/Abs
Saturday – 8 mile run
Sunday – Yoga,Live Fit Arms/Abs

Total mileage – 20 miles

New this week: Cardio additions to the live fit workouts! I’m on the fence about adding them since since I’m good at cardio on my own (20 miles a week, running, anyone?) so I might skip the added cardio session at the of the back workout on Tuesday since I’ll have already been at the gym for yoga for an hour.

Goal for this week: Run the Firecracker Four in under 38 minutes! Not sure how this is going to go since I haven’t exactly been doing speedwork lately.

Next week: Marathon training begins!


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