Trail Run Wipe Out

Yesterday Chris and I decided to run the ARE’s second trail run of the summer series at Peebles Island. It was a beautiful night perfect for running!

It was my second time running here with the ARE and it was fun as always…

Then, this happened.

I lost my footing at the end of the first 2.5 mile loop on a downhill and tumbled down, landing on my right arm. I lost an earring in the process, too. Fortunately I didn’t twist an ankle so my legs and feet were fine and I continued on, and ran other loop! Another nice runner named Dave stopped and helped me and we ran the rest of the way together, chatting about running! We took a few wrong turns and ended up shortening the loop, but that’s okay, we still finished!

Chris ran two loops (a lot faster than me!) too. He had fun! We’re definitely doing more of these in the future.


Total Distance – 4.62 miles (should have been five if we didn’t get lost)

Average Pace – 11:00/mile

Anyone from the Capital Region interested in the Summer Trail Running Series? Join the Albany Running Exchange for $10 a year and the series is completely free and tons of fun. (You don’t have to be member to do the runs, but its recommended.) You’ll meet other awesome runners, too!


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