2012 Workforce Team Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I ran the Workforce Team Challenge last night after work! I headed to the Empire State Plaza with my friend/co-worker, Valerie, who was also running the race. My sister also met us there because she was running for her work team!

As always, the start of the race is so crowded you can hardly run. Well, you can slowly jog up Madison Avenue. I didn’t find a good pace until we hit Washington Park.

My first mile was 9:15-ish. My second mile was under 9:00!  And my third mile was my fastest, around 8:30 something, I think.

Leaving the park and taking a left onto Madison I always push myself hard and always feel like I’m going to hurl–but keep running anyway. I love the feeling of running down the hill to the finish.

And BAM–its over.

I finished in 30:26! I’m happy with that, especially because it was so crowded.

Valerie finished in 27 minutes, the speed demon! And my sister, who ran it with a friend, finished in 42 minutes! Go ladies!

So, I solved my dilemma of not having any summer races–I signed up for the Firecracker 4 Mile Road Race on July 4th in Saratoga Springs! I had fun at this race two years ago, so I figured I’d run it again with some friends.

After the race we went to the Pump Station with my team to celebrate! It was a fun night!

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